Powdered milk in the hand of a woman wearing a hat… But why are the police at the cash register?

Last March, mart in Wonju, Gangwon-do.

A woman wearing a hat walks around the shop watching the staff clear the shelves.

After a while, a woman appeared holding something.

If you look closely, it’s milk powder for newborns.

The 40-year-old woman was caught trying to leave the mart with items worth 170,000 won, including powdered milk and diapers.

[고탁민 경사/강원 원주경찰서 치악지구대]

“The security team chased after me and asked, “Have you paid for the hotel?” I was hesitant, so I said, “Show me the receipt,” but they couldn’t show me the receipt.”

The woman readily admitted the crime to the district police officers who arrived at the scene.

When asked, “Why did you do that?”, he replied that it was because of the baby.

[고탁민 경사/강원 원주경찰서 치악지구대]

“Actually, we have a two-month-old at home. I speak like this. But I didn’t really believe him because all thieves usually have excuses like that.”

Sergeant Ko Tak-min went to the woman’s house with such suspicious suspicions.

When I arrived, there was a 2 month old baby lying alone in a studio about 10 pyeong.

There was no food for adults as well as powdered milk.

The woman, a single mother, had been caught stealing before, but was wanted because she could not pay the fine.

[고탁민 경사/강원 원주경찰서 치악지구대]

“The man ran away and was making a living on childcare allowance alone, and he said it wasn’t enough.”

On the way to the police station, taking a woman with a baby.

Sergeant Koh said the hungry baby was bothering him.

[고탁민 경사/강원 원주경찰서 치악지구대]

″How long has it been since you haven’t fed your baby? Newborn babies usually eat every 3 to 4 hours. But if you haven’t eaten twice, you haven’t eaten for nearly eight to ten hours.”

Before transferring the woman to the police station, Sergeant Go stopped by the mart and bought a bottle of powdered milk at his own expense and gave it to the woman.

[고탁민 경사/강원 원주경찰서 치악지구대]

“The baby started eating, so we fed him formula milk, and after the first investigation, we handed him over to the detective department.”

We also introduced a support policy for women to pay late fines in installments.

Sergeant Koh, 34, is also raising a five-month-old baby.

He says stealing is wrong, but he still wanted to help.

[고탁민 경사/강원 원주경찰서 치악지구대]

“Socially, there are many cases where babies are not born well, but even after they are born, there are many cases where they are irresponsibly neglected and abused. But again, I came to the conclusion that this person was the one who thought that I had to raise this child in any way. Anyway, it is true that the woman has done something wrong, but the baby has not. So, if I could be of any little help, I wanted to be… ″

(Screen provided: Gangwon Wonju Police Station)


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