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Manchester United got 3 loan players in this transfer window, the British substitute goalkeeper Birant, the Dutch captain center Weghess, and Shapisa from Bayern Munich for half a season before the transfer window closed Set a buyout clause. The 28-year-old Austria international is 1.78 meters tall and serves as a midfielder in a position similar to Eriksen’s, but since joining Bayern from RB Leipzig in the summer of 2021, he has been unable to escape the game. the two big German internationals Kamichi and Goleska As a result, he flew from Munich to Manchester last night, completed the medical examination and managed to catch up with the “last train” to join.

Shabisa said on Manchester United’s official website that sometimes in life important decisions have to be made very quickly. “When I heard about this opportunity, I knew it suited me. I am a competitive player and I will help the team win and achieve this. I feel I am at my peak and can become bring a lot of experience and energy to the team and I’m looking forward to working with my team-mates and my new manager and showing Manchester United fans what I can do.” In addition, Manchester United loaned the young 25-year-old defender Duane Sherby to Stoke City in the British Championship until the end of the season.

According to reports, when Eriksen was sacked against Reading in the 4th round of the FA Cup last week, Manchester United manager Tan Shager immediately decided to loan the midfielder. The original target was the former Dutch midfielder Reinger Wembe. Zhizhi, but he was not released by Bayern, but he was ready to lend Shabisa, whom Tanshag had always admired, and even believed that the strength of the opponent was underestimated in recent years. Bayern’s sporting director, Sarah Hammy-seok also confirmed that Manchester United contacted at the beginning of this week to express their hope to loan Shapisa, and the players also hope and believe that there will be more opportunities to play in the Red Devils. Tanshager once coached the Bayern B team, and is expected to be one of the reasons for the quick success of this loan.

Shabisa played 54 games for Bayern in one and a half seasons.At the beginning of this season, there were still many main games, but most of the time he served as a full-back, scoring only 2 goals and 2 assistant The Austrian international rose to fame at RB Leipzig and served as captain of this Bundesliga team, including in the 2020 Europa League group stage, providing a goal and an assist at home to beat the Red Devils 3:2. He made his debut as a midfielder and right winger. In recent seasons, he has been transformed by his teacher Na Gosven, mainly as a midfielder. He comes from the Red Bull system. He is good at pressing and moving around without the ball ■ He is good at making long-range shots and handling dead balls. He can also do a lot of defensive work, but in terms of being able to organize a pass, it is clear that there is a distance from Ericson. His manager described Sabisa’s character as “a killer” He has a strong determination to win and is eager to go into battle.

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