prepare! Sansiri digital debentures purchased through the Pao Tang app, starting from 18 Jan. 20

Get ready with Sansiri Digital Bonds that allows purchases via the Tao Tang app, with a minimum selling value of 1,000 baht, starting on 18 Jan 2022

Today (17 Jan 2022) The Thaiger will present Sansiri Digital Bonds from Sansiri Company, which is available for purchase via the Tao Tang app, with an initial selling value of 1,000 baht, which the bonds will start selling within January 18, 2022 at 8.30

As for the preliminary details of Sansiri digital bonds, There are together as follows

– Sansiri Public Company Limited, offering debentures to general investors No. 1/2565, specifying the name of the holder Non-subordinated type Unsecured and has a debenture holder representative

– Debentures for 2 years 6 months, interest rate 3.10% per annum and receive interest every 3 months

– It is a collaboration between Sansiri Public Company Limited and Krung Thai Bank.

– by allowing you to buy even if you have only 1,000 baht

– Can be traded 24 hours a day via the Baotang application, which will display information on bond holdings, trading prices in one place.

– Stable return with the debenture rating of BBB+ by TRIS Rating

– The subscription service starts on January 18, 2022 at 8.30 AM.

Source of news: Sansiri

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