Seok-Yeol Yoon, PD Park Tae-ho of ‘National Singing Contest Star Golden Bell’

Former KBS Entertainment Director Park Tae-ho, who produced popular TV programs such as ‘National Singing Contest’, joined as the head of the public relations division of the People’s Strength Presidential Candidate Election Headquarters on the 17th.

At the meeting on the same day, the People’s Power Senior Headquarters announced that it had appointed former KBS Entertainment Director Park as the new head of the public relations division.

At the presentation ceremony, PD Park said, “I think I came here with my 37 years of on-site know-how and the know-how that made a lot of entertainment programs. We will do our best and work hard with a humble attitude for the victory of our candidate chosen by the people.”

PD Park, who joined KBS in 1984, is a member of KBS’s signature entertainment programs such as ‘Experience of Life’, ‘Open Concert’, ‘Star Golden Bell’, ‘Vitamin’, ‘Hometown at 6’, ‘Super TV Sunday is Fun’. Planned and directed a number of From 2003 to 2006, when he was directing ‘Entertainment Weekly’, he worked as an MC with Lee So-ra, a broadcaster. In 2019, he moved to MBN and served as the general manager.




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