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The acquitted Bishop Franco Mulaikkal was given a warm welcome in his hometown of Thrissur. 105 Katina exploded in the churchyard as a symbol of the 105-day-long trial.

In his hometown of Thrissur, a large crowd of believers and relatives came to receive Bishop Franco. As soon as he got in the car, the celebration erupted with fireworks and fireworks. Praying for the dead near the graves of the dead in Mattam Church. Straight into the church. Attended the worship service. This time, 105 firecrackers exploded in the church yard. In addition to all this, the believers also celebrated with fireworks.

He returned home after talking to relatives. He then went to his sister’s grave at Chalakudy church for prayers. The believers were met with celebration. Believers chanted slogans calling for the arrest of an innocent bishop. The monks who came to the spot also responded that it was a victory of justice.



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