Private Autonomous Organization Platform Consumers and Consumers Department 1st Meeting Held – Press Release | Briefing Room | news

On September 20 (Tuesday) at 10 am, the first meeting of the Users and Users Division of the 「Platform Private Autonomous Organization 」 was held in the conference room on the 17th floor of the Korea Press Center. The Consumer and Consumer Subcommittee is an executive division of the 「Platform Private Autonomous Organization」 launched on August 19, and the private sector is leading the discussion and the Korea Communications Commission and the Fair Trade Commission plays a role in providing policy support.

Accordingly, at this meeting, private platform operators, related associations, user groups, and experts gathered to discuss ways to introduce self-regulation to protect users and platform users. In addition, relevant government ministries such as the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Personal Information Protection Committee were also present at the meeting to hear their views.

The meeting was held in such a way that the platform industry and related associations discuss self-regulation issues proposed by users and users together, and detailed agendas will be discussed sequentially in the future.

Professor Heon-Young Kwon of Korea University, who chaired the meeting, emphasized, “Smooth communication between the parties is of the utmost importance to the success of self-regulation of platforms to protect users and consumers.” They were asked to actively discuss regulatory requirements. .
In addition to this, government participants expressed their position, “We will actively support the operation of the division so that the autonomous organization can fulfill its role as a channel of communication between private stakeholders.”

As one axis of platform self-regulation, the user/user sub-committee is expected to play a key role in the process of reflecting the voices of platform users and users in self-regulation. end

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