Rahul Dravid’s Son Samit Dravid Joins Karnataka Under-19 Cricket Team

Rahul Dravid’s Son Samit Included in Karnataka Squad


Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid’s son, Samit Dravid, has been selected to represent Karnataka in the under-19 team. The 17-year-old all-rounder has also secured a place in the state’s 15-member squad for the upcoming Vinu Mankad Trophy. Scheduled to take place in Hyderabad from October 12, the tournament promises to showcase the rising talent in Indian cricket.

Samit’s cricketing journey has seen him previously don the Karnataka jersey as part of the under-14 team before earning his spot in the under-19 side. The young prodigy has impressed with his skills and is set to make his mark in the forthcoming competition.

However, Samit’s father, Rahul Dravid, the legendary Indian batsman, is currently engaged with the ongoing series against Australia as a coach for the Indian team. Consequently, he will be unable to witness his son’s matches in person as he fulfills his national duties for the ODI World Cup. Despite this, Rahul’s pride and support for Samit remain unwavering, as he continues to guide the Indian team towards glory.

Karnataka U19 Team:

  • Dheeraj J Gowda
  • Dhruv Prabhakar
  • Karthik UM
  • Shivam Singh
  • Harshil Dharmani
  • Samit Dravid
  • Yuvraj Arora
  • Hardik Raj
  • Aarav Mahesh
  • Aditya Nair
  • Dhanush Gowda
  • Shikhar Shetty
  • Samarth Nagaraj
  • Karthikeya
  • Sish

English Summary:

Samit Dravid, the son of renowned Indian cricket coach Rahul Dravid, has been announced as a member of the Karnataka squad.

Bengaluru: Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid’s son Samit Dravid in Karnataka under-19 team. Dravid’s son was also included in Karnataka’s 15-member squad for the Vinu Mankad Trophy. The tournament will be held in Hyderabad from October 12. The 17-year-old Samit has also played for Karnataka in the under-14 team.

Dravid’s younger son Anve Dravid is the captain of the Karnataka U-14 team. Rahul Dravid is busy with the series against Australia with the Indian team. When Samit Dravid plays, his father will be with the ODI World Cup team. So Rahul Dravid will not come to watch his son’s match.

Karnataka U19 Team – Dheeraj J Gowda, Dhruv Prabhakar, Karthik UM, Shivam Singh, Harshil Dharmani, Samit Dravid, Yuvraj Arora, Hardik Raj, Aarav Mahesh, Aditya Nair, Dhanush Gowda, Shikhar Shetty, Samarth Nagaraj, Karthikeya, Sish.

English Summary: Rahul Dravid’s son Samit named in Karnataka squad

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