Record increase in the number of people watching World Cup matches on television | Qatar World Cup Sidelights

Doha: A record increase in the number of people watching World Cup matches through television channels at a global level. According to the latest figures, the November 27 group match between Japan and Costa Rica was watched by an average of 36.37 million people on television in Asia.

More than 10 million people watched the match where Japan upset Germany. This is a 74 percent increase compared to the average group stage viewership of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The group match between Korea and Uruguay on November 24 was watched by 11.14 million people. The increase was 97 percent compared to the average of group stage matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and 18 percent at the Russian World Cup.

In Europe, there was also a big increase in the number of people who watched the second round matches in the group stage. In Spain, 65 percent watched the match between Germany and Spain on November 28. The match was watched by 11.9 million people along with La1 and Goal Mundial. Figures show that this match has more viewers than any other match in the FIFA World Cup 2018 group stage.

76.6 percent of television viewers in the Netherlands watched the match between Ecuador and the Netherlands. It is also the most watched TV program in the Netherlands this year. In France, 11.6 million people watched the match with Denmark on TF1. As the game reached its final minutes, the number of viewers had risen to 14.56 million. The first match between France and Australia was watched by 14 million people.

The team’s match in Portugal against Uruguay was the most watched. This match is also the most watched FIFA World Cup match so far. 5.35 million viewers in Portugal watched at least one minute of the match on television. The United States also saw a record increase in viewership.

The most watched men’s football match ever on US television was the English broadcast of the match between England and the USA on 25 November. 19.65 million people watched the game on Fox. 20.96 million watched the match against Argentina in Mexico.

17 percent more people watched Canada’s first game. Their match against Mexico in Argentina was watched by an average of 8.48 million viewers. 81.3 percent of the television audience watched this game.

English Summary: FIFA World Cup delivers record breaking TV audience numbers.

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