Ride or Die’, ‘Sin City 3’, notice of double box office visits in theaters in June

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[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Yang Jin-young = The hit movie ‘Fast and Furious: Ride or Die’ (importer/distributor: Universal Pictures) will hit the box office with ‘Crime City 3’, which will be released on the 31st, and theaters in June.

This summer, action films representing Korea and the United States are attracting the attention of movie fans, anticipating a double box office hit in domestic theaters. 1 at the Korea box office for 13 consecutive days and foreign films, representative Hollywood film ‘Fast and Furious: Ride or Die’ and representative Korean crime entertainment action film ‘Criminal City 3’ to be released on the 31st.

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The parallel theory of the first box office of the two works is that they are new works in a series promoted as a relief pitcher for theaters during the pandemic. The two films have already given new life to theaters that were stagnant during the pandemic with ‘Fast and Furious: The Ultimate’ (2021) and ‘Crime City 2′ (2022), and in 2023, a box office blast’ r operating franchise We hope to do that. continue

Another parallel box office theory is that powerful actors lead the series. Vin Diesel, who played ‘Dom’, the protagonist of the ‘Fast and Furious’ series, who has been loved by fans around the world for the past 22 years, despite his middle age, performs in an extreme car chase himself and he doesn’t. neglecting self-control The more I did, the more perfect the action. Ma Dong-seok, who plays the monster detective ‘Ma Seok-do’ in ‘Criminal City 3’, also showed acting performances through thorough self-control. The superior acting performance of the two actors added liveliness and fun to the film and thrilled the fans of the series.

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[사진=에이비오엔터테인먼트, 플러스엠엔터테인먼트]

Finally, both films have one thing in common: an exciting and exciting action genre that will blow away the early heat. ‘Crime City 3’ foreshadowed the catharsis of exhilarating action by pulling off larger-scale crimes like the poster copy of ‘Sweeping away coolly’ and delivering action full of sense of impact. ‘Fast and Furious: Ride or Die’, which enthralled the audience with various actions, including the ‘car chase action and body-bare action’ series, is also a huge box office success as one of the biggest adventures popular with perfect fun.

‘Fast and Furious: Ride or Die’, which is going viral as a perfect theater experience film, is an action film where the family ‘Dom’ (Vin Diesel) starts their last run at the risk of their lives against their a mortal enemy. ‘Dante’ (Jason Momoa) As a celebrity, he is highly praised in theaters across the country.


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