Rishabh Pant becomes a liability, let Sanju: Sodhi, Karthik with support – Sanju Samson

Mumbai ∙ More stars support the ever-struggling Malayalee player Sanju Samson in the Indian team. After Sanju was dropped in the Twenty20 series against New Zealand without even a single match, the former players have come forward with the demand that Sanju should be fielded in ODIs. Former Indian player Ritinder Singh Sodhi said that Rishabh Pant has become a liability for the team and Sanju should be given a chance in ODIs. Dinesh Karthik, Manish Pandey and others are also in the scene arguing for Sanju.

Former players point out that it is unfair to deny another chance to Sanju, who has gained attention with his brilliant performance in all the opportunities he has had in ODIs. Sanju’s unbeaten 116 in three matches in the ODI series against South Africa attracted attention. Sanju averaged 82.87 this year against West Indies and Zimbabwe. It is in this situation that Sanju gets support.

Rishabh Pant has become a liability for the team. If this is his situation, play Sanju instead. If the opportunity is not given now, when will it be given? Do you always lose midway through World Cup and ICC tournaments? The problem is when one gets more opportunities than the limit. It’s time to give new people a chance’ – Sodhi pointed out.

“It remains to be seen how much more chance the ball will have. The time has come for him to do justice to the genius. Everything has a limit. You cannot rely on a star more than this. If the performance is bad, throw him out of the team’ – said Sodhi.

Meanwhile, Indian superstar Dinesh Karthik also came forward in support of Sanju. Karthik felt that Sanju is the most suitable player to play at number six in the ODI series against New Zealand.

Shikhar Dhawan and Shubman Gill should open the ODI series against the Kiwis. Let Shreyas Iyer play at number three. While Rishabh Pant and Suryakumar Yadav play at number four and five, Sanju Samson is the best to play at number six,’ said Karthik.

Indian cricketer Manish Pandey also came forward with his reaction to Sanju Samson being denied a chance. Manish Pandey said that Sanju is batting well and wants him to play in his place in the Indian team.

English Summary: “He is becoming a liability, show him the door out and bring in Sanju Samson”: ex-India blasts Rishabh Pant

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