Robbie Varghese Raj shares his harrowing experience during the filming of Kannur Squad: A Close Call with Local Goons

New Director for MLayala Movie: Robbie Varghese Raj

In a recent turn of events, the highly anticipated MLayala movie has welcomed a new director on board – Robbie Varghese Raj. With his directorial debut in the spotlight, Robbie has garnered immense recognition and success, especially with the blockbuster Kannur Squad, starring the legendary Mammootty. As the film continues to captivate packed audiences, Robbie has opened up about a harrowing experience he encountered during the filming of Kannur Squad.

A Brush with Danger: Robbie’s Unforgettable Encounter

Recounting the incident in an exclusive interview with The Q Studio, Robbie revealed a distressing encounter that took an unexpected turn. He shared that there have been instances where unforeseen circumstances have disrupted the shoot, but none quite as alarming as this particular incident.

“We were shooting in a small locality when suddenly a group of local goons barged onto the set, brandishing firearms,” Robbie disclosed.

While the situation seemed dire, Robbie found solace in his Chief Companion, Jibin, a towering figure with an intimidating presence. “Jibin, standing at six and a half feet tall, possesses a voice that resonates with authority. His commanding presence has always provided a sense of security for the crew,” Robbie explained.

However, amidst the chaos, it was discovered that the goons had concealed something dangerous in their possession. “Initially, Jibin mistook it for a harmless prop, but to our shock, it turned out to be a gun,” Robbie shared. The goons made their demands known and subsequently departed, only to return later, causing minor disruptions once again.

Despite the challenges faced, Robbie expressed his gratitude towards Mammootty, who could have easily walked away from the tumultuous circumstances. However, the megastar chose to stand by the crew, providing unwavering support. In a gesture that exemplifies Mammootty’s professionalism, the goons had expressed their desire to have their picture taken with the legendary actor. Mammootty graciously obliged and even took a selfie with the group, which instantly smoothed out the shooting process.

A Breeze of Relief: Shooting Resumes

Following this unexpected hurdle, the shooting of Kannur Squad resumed seamlessly. Robbie praised Mammootty’s altruistic spirit, stating, “With Mammootty sir’s cooperation and encouragement, we were able to overcome the challenges and continue with the shoot smoothly.”

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In other news, renowned actress Khushbu participated in the Naree Puja ceremony held in Thrissur. The event, filled with spiritual fervor, saw Khushbu immersing herself in the blessings of the divine.

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mLayala movie has a new director. The name is Robbie Varghese Raj. As Mammootty starrer Kannur Squad continued to show to packed audiences, Robbie got the most recognition and success as a debutant. This time, Robbie shares an experience he had during the filming of Kannur Squad.

Robbie says there have been cases where there has been a situation where things have gone wrong. Robbie said that one day local goons entered the set and had guns in their hands. The director’s response was in an interview given to The Q Studio.

These are the words of Robbie Varghese Raj

We have been to some places. A small local has fallen into the street. Local gangsters have come. Our Chief Companion Jibin is a six and a half foot man. His voice is horrible. I hold on to that voice. One day while shooting, some goons came. They come after drinking toddy. Caused minor problems. They put something in the back. Jibin thought the compo would be something. But then I realized it was a gun. They said something and left. It came again and there were minor problems. Can’t shoot. I went to a warehouse there for a while. So much time passed. Mammootty sir could have left if he wanted to when they created all these problems. But he supported and stood aside. Their demand is to take Mammootty’s picture. They met Rosak the day before. There is talk of Hamara hai star. No matter how the shoot goes. Mammootty sir came out and took a selfie with them. Later, the shooting went on very smoothly.

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