Fifty year old dudes send ‘I love you Molu… Umm Umm…’ – Namitha Pramod

Fifty year old dudes send ‘I love you molu… ummm ummm..’: Namitha Pramod Actress Namitha Pramod talks about the love requests she has received. Namitha said she got her first love letter on placement and was scared because it was study time for Plus One. Namitha said that after that, such messages were coming on […]

Mi-ra Yang said she hates pink… This is inconsistent

Actress Yang Mi-ra showed disagreement. On the 27th, Yang Mi-ra wrote, “I hate pink #mother daughter pink rice cake #paint”. In the photo released together, Yang Mi-ra, who went out, was included. In particular, Yang Mi-ra, who hates pink, is plastered in pink all over, from her fingertips to the clothes she wears around her […]

In the end, “Saipan Apinya” spent more than 2 years winning a defamation case against a diving instructor.

because “Saipan” or “Apinya Sakulcharoensuk” has filed a lawsuit against “diving instructors” posting defamation through social media Destroying reputation and business, diving, and most recently, during December 2022, traveled to follow the progress of the case again. As of today (January 26, 2023) he came out to update the story that happened again. “Saipan” Note […]

Discover the history of Stray Kids, a South Korean boy brand.

Coming from Kingdom: Legendary War winners, Stray Kids is a hip-hop boy group from JYP Entertainment. that comes with a strong, aggressive performance and invites the audience to be amazed at every turn of the show The group originally consisted of 9 members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Chang Bin, Hyun Jin, Han, Felix, Seungmin , […]

‘Hell Court’ Aiki, “It’s too sad from a woman’s point of view” for the bride-to-be who worries about her husband who avoids black skin

[SBS연예뉴스 | 김효정 에디터] The bride complained about the lack of physical contact with the groom. In the SBS ‘Hell Court in Wonderland’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Hell Court’), which aired on the 26th, Evie’s disgruntled bride appeared due to the bride-to-be not wearing black skin. On this day, the plaintiff expressed regret because the […]

New song arrived POKMINDSET + HYE Paper Planes So Dumb (So Dumb)

Let’s start the year with new songs Pok – Passakorn Chirathivat ” or POKMINDSET with the single Really Dumb (So Dumb) and also the first time he released his work with rock music. “Hai Thanwa Ketsuwan” or “HYE Paper Planes” The young man’s favorite teenage boy came on board as a producer on this single […]