Shin Joo-ah looks at the wall and talks alone

‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) Shin Joo-ah, who has been married to a Thai conglomerate for 7 years, confessed her loneliness. On Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ broadcast on the 21st, actress Shin Joo-ah, who is enjoying a luxurious life in Thailand, confided her concerns. On this day, […]

I live alone Honey J has a lot of talent for daring scissors → clothes reform

to bold outfits“I can’t follow that.”Lee Jang-woo “I have a lot of talent” ‘I Live Alone’ / Photo = MBC video capture ‘I Live Alone’ Honey J’s clothes reform. Honey J appeared on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, which aired on the night of the 21st. Honey J started reforming various clothes. He said, “You can’t […]

‘Mom is an Idol’ Park Jung-ah, the first full jewelry stage in 12 years

‘Mom is an idol’ Singer Jung-ah Park dominated the stage with her refreshing singing ability and extraordinary charisma. In the special concert special of tvN’s ‘Mom is an Idol’ broadcast on the 20th, Park Jung-ah performed a complete stage with Jewelry members Seo In-young, Ha Joo-yeon, and Kim Eun-jung, who gathered in one place for […]

General Andy’s bride-to-be is Jeju MBC announcer Lee Eun-joo

Andy’s bride-to-be of the group Shinhwa was Jeju MBC announcer Lee Eun-joo. Andy wrote a handwritten letter on the 19th, saying, “I have a person I want to spend the rest of my life with. He makes me smile in difficult moments and takes care of me a lot.” announced the marriage. At the time, […]