Russia says Ukraine is sending drones to attack Crimea | Around the world DAILY

On November 24, the Ukrainian war will run for 9 months. It can be seen that in the past several weeks Russia has modified its war tactics by using drones and missiles to hit the critical infrastructure of Ukraine. Like the power structure, however, it seems that it is not just the Russian side that has adjusted its battle tactics. After the report came out that On the Ukrainian side, unmanned aerial vehicles attacked the Crimean peninsula. which Russia has annexed as part of itself since 2014 #RussiaUkraine #Crimean Peninsula #Drone Attack #Channel 36 #Big News Stories #Today’s News #PPTVNews #PPTVHD36 #Around the World DAILY #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website and Social Media channels Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : pptvhd36 / Line :

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Russia says Ukraine sent drones to attack Crimea

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