Salalah KMCC Hosts Health Awareness Event: Ancient Treatment Methods and DIY Treatments Explored

Health Awareness Event Organized by Salalah KMCC

Salalah KMCC, a prominent social organization, conducted a highly informative and impactful health awareness event at the prestigious Women’s Association Hall. The event was gracefully inaugurated by the esteemed President of KMCC, Nasser Peringathur.

Enlightening Sessions on Traditional Treatments and Self-Care

Dr. Sarina Jasmine, an eminent healthcare professional, captivated the audience with her profound knowledge on an ancient method of treatment, showcasing its relevance in today’s world. Additionally, she enlightened attendees with valuable do-it-yourself treatments that can effectively address various health concerns.

Insightful Perspectives from Distinguished Speakers

The occasion witnessed the presence of notable personalities who shared their insightful perspectives. Shabir Kaladi, Nasser Kamuna, and Abdul Ghafoor VP eloquently addressed the gathering, emphasizing the significance of proactive healthcare measures.

Guided by Experts, Empowered by Knowledge

Guiding the participants towards a path of improved well-being, Anas Haji, Ali Haji, RK Ahmed, and Salih took charge, leading the way in implementing practical health practices. Their expertise and guidance will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals.

Contribution Towards Medical Aid

Furthermore, a commendable gesture of medical aid was extended during the ceremony, ensuring that the attendees received necessary support and assistance. This compassionate act reinforced the commitment of Salalah KMCC in addressing the concerns and well-being of the community.

With health being a matter of utmost importance, this event created a platform for individuals to learn, grow, and take charge of their well-being. The impact of such initiatives is far-reaching, as it empowers individuals to lead healthier lives and augments their overall quality of life.

Indeed, Salalah KMCC deserves applause for their efforts in fostering health consciousness and providing invaluable resources to the community.

Salalah KMCC organized health awareness. KMCC President Nasser Peringathur inaugurated the event which was held at the Women’s Association Hall. In the awareness class, Dr. Sarina Jasmine spoke.

An ancient method of treatment and do-it-yourself treatments are described. Shabir Kaladi, Nasser Kamuna and Abdul Ghafoor VP spoke on the occasion. Anas Haji, Ali Haji, RK Ahmed and Salih led the way. Medical aid was also handed over at the ceremony. Many people are worried.

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