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Samjin Pharm releases high-dose clopidogrel ‘Plaris 300mg’

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Samjin Pharmaceutical announced on the 12th that it has launched a high-dose clopidogrel antithrombotic drug, Plalis 300mg.

Samjin Pharmaceutical’s ‘Plaris 300mg’ product image.

The existing formulation ‘Plaless 75mg’ had to be taken as an initial loading dose of 4 tablets before the ‘stent’ procedure for patients with acute coronary syndrome. Convenience is enhanced as it is sufficient to take tablets. The drug price is also 38% cheaper than existing drugs.

The total market size of clopidogrel formulations in 2020 recorded about 360 billion won, including originals, improved new drugs, and generics based on ubist.

Samjin Pharmaceutical succeeded in synthesizing raw materials for the first time in Korea in March 2009, two years after the first launch of ‘Plaless Tablet’ in 2007, and is now able to produce self-developed generics. In addition, the stability of the drug has been continuously improved by conducting active clinical research in leading university hospitals such as the Cardiovascular Center of Seoul National University Hospital, Shinchon Severance Hospital of Yonsei University, Anam Hospital of Korea University, and the Department of Cardiology at Gachon University Gil Hospital.

In 2013, Samjin Pharmaceutical established a synthesis plant in Osong, Chungcheongbuk-do to intensively produce clopidogrel bisulfate raw materials.

In 2015, it transferred the ‘Plealess Tablet’ formulation technology to Morocco and Indonesia, exporting commercial raw materials to Egypt and Indonesia, and exporting finished products to Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. In addition, as additional finished product registrations are in progress in the Middle East, exports of finished products and clopidogrel raw materials are expected to increase continuously.

Samjin Pharmaceutical Marketing Team Manager Jung Woo-shin said, “The annual number of PCI procedures in Korea due to acute coronary syndrome is estimated to be about 60,000. Under these circumstances, the launch of a high-dose ‘Platris 300mg’, the first lineup expansion of ‘Platris’, the No. 1 generic clopidogrel drug in Korea, which has grown into a leading antithrombotic drug product, will further increase Samjin Pharm’s market influence in the heart disease area such as antithrombotic drugs and NOACs. It will be an opportunity to strengthen it.”

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