Saudi Arabia: Mandatory electronic punching in meat shops

RIYADH: In Makkah, electronic thras (meezan) has been made compulsory for the sale of meat in restaurants that prepare food for parties, etc. The Makkah Municipality started the Meezan project three months ago as an experiment for Matbaks and restaurants.

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It has now been made mandatory for food shops and restaurants. Companies that do not comply will be fined. The fine comes from one thousand Saudis. But if this mistake is repeated, the fine will be from one thousand to ten thousand. Deputy Mayor of the Borough Ng. said Abdullah Alzaidi.

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Under this, meat and cooked food in restaurants and kitchens in the holy city must be sold by weight and not by number of people. The Meezan Digital system has replaced the method of selling meat without any restrictions on weight and size based on the number of people. This will help the user to get a lot of meat. Every organization should have a digital weighing machine. And tables showing the type and price of meat should be placed in front of the customer. Order should be accepted based on weight. Also, the deputy mayor of the municipality explained that people should not be forced to buy things like bones and intestines without specifying the weight.

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