[SEN마감시황]Rising interest rates and geopolitical risks… KOSPI fell by around 1%

[서울경제TV=윤혜림기자] As the New York stock market failed to rebound last night due to rising interest rates and geopolitical risks in Russia and Ukraine, both the KOSPI and KOSDAQ markets also closed down around 1%.

The KOSPI, which opened at 2,837.49 points (p), down 0.88% from the battlefield on the 21st, rose to 2,847.95 p at 9:29 a.m., but then declined and continued the bear market. Although individual investors bought more than 900 billion won in the stock market today, the KOSPI closed at 2,834.29p, down 0.99% from the previous trading day due to the sell-off by foreign and institutional investors.

In today’s stock market, individuals bought 896.6 billion won, while foreigners and institutions sold 223 billion won and 643.6 billion won, respectively.

Also, 246 stocks rose and 610 stocks fell in the market.

By industry, medical precision (+1.28%), insurance (+0.88%), telecommunications (+0.77%), finance (+0.63), etc. rose, construction (-2.37%), electrical and electronic (-1.87%), textile and apparel (-1.78%), chemicals (-1.48%) and manufacturing (-1.45%) fell, and most industries showed a downward trend.

Among the top stocks by market cap, Samsung Electronics (-1.81%), SK Hynix (-4.80%), NAVER (-0.60%), LG Chem (-0.29%), and Samsung SDI (-0.58%) fell, while Samsung Biologics (+0.25%) only rose, driving the decline in the index.

On the same day, the KOSDAQ closed at 942.85p, down 1.65% from the previous trading day. By investor, it was found that individuals (379.6 billion won) bought, foreigners (-3,215) and institutions (-637) sold.

Celltrion Healthcare (+1.06%, Pearl Abyss (+1.15%) and Kakao Games (+0.56%)) among the top stocks by market capitalization rose, followed by EcoproBM (-4.66%), L&F (-1.54%), and Wemade (-). 1.08%), showing mixed results.

On the KOSDAQ market on the same day, AutoN, which was listed on the 20th, finished trading at 14,800 won, up 29.82% from the previous day, recording the upper limit for two days in a row.

Meanwhile, in the Seoul Foreign Exchange Market today, the won-dollar exchange rate closed at 1,194.00 won, up 1.60 won from the previous trading day./[email protected]

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