SEPTEMBER NEWS:GATE Reorganization of Yuhan Corp. R&D organization… Telegram from Kim Yeol-hong, R&D general manager

On May 30, Yuhan Corporation reorganized some organizations and reorganized executives to improve the efficiency of the R&D organization and ensure growth engines.

The central research institute and the clinical medicine department under the current R&D headquarters were upgraded to the level of the business headquarters, and the central research institute, clinical medicine headquarters, and R&D headquarters were reorganized under the direct management of Kim Yeol- hong, president of Research and Development.

According to this organizational reorganization, executive director Oh Se-woong, head of the central research institute, executive director Lim Hyo-young, head of the clinical medicine department, and executive director Yoo Jae-cheon, head of the pharmaceutical business division, were all promoted to vice presidents.

Newly appointed Vice President Youngmi Lee, who was recruited as head of the Research and Development department, received a Ph.D. from Seoul National University Graduate School of Pharmacy, was a research professor in the Department of Biotechnology at Yonsei University, and a Research Fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School. , has been responsible for eR&D and Research and Development organizations until the end of last year.

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