Series Synopsis : Black Knight (2022)

Black Knight

❛ In the era of the air crisis that can’t go out freely and one of the most important people is Legendary Delivery Knight 5-8 ❜

Title : Black Knight | courier
Genre : Future World | Dystopian | Drama
Director : Jo Eui Seok (previous work Write a screenplay Golden Slumber)
Script writer: Lee Yoon Kyun (webtoon author)
Broadcasting channel : Netflix (with Thai subtitles)
Number of episodes :
Broadcast start date :

Series Synopsis Black Knight

A series adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of the future. In 2071, when the world suffers from air pollution that people rely on masks to breathe, but only 1% of the human race survives. This caused severe social stratification in the arid regions of the Korean Peninsula. Delivery drivers have become an important occupation in this regime. and for the refugees Their career as a delivery driver was their only hope for survival. in the midst of this chaos The series will tell the story of the legendary transport knight. “5-8” who has superior fighting skills and “Sawal” A young refugee who dreams of becoming like him.

series actor Black Knight

Kim Woo Bin plays the roles of 5-8.

Refugee man turned transport worker

Lee Som as Seol Ah

A young soldier who dreams of becoming a future defense minister.

Kang Yoo Suk as Sawol

A young man who dreams of becoming a transport knight.

Black Knight series teaser

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series poster Black Knight

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