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Original title: Shanghai media: Li Xiaopeng’s performance is difficult to convince the public and is likely to leave early

Article source: Xinmin Evening News

Sultan Qaboos Stadium in Muscat, no surprises, no surprises, in the final round of the Asian top 12 of the World Preliminaries, the Chinese men’s football team lost 0-2 away to the Oman team, ranking last in the group with a record of 6 points Second, only 2 points more than the bottom Vietnamese team.

Since the narrow victory over Vietnam at home in October last year, the Chinese team has been without a victory in the group stage for seven consecutive rounds. And the entire top 12 match, only won this one. When the fantasy of the World Cup was shattered again, thousands of fans could not help lamenting: When is the first day of Chinese football?

No improvement

The battle between the Chinese team and the Oman team does not have much practical significance, and both teams are determined to be eliminated in advance. The national football team can completely let go of their hands and feet, let go and fight for honor.

Coach Li Xiaopeng said before the game that he hoped that the players could cherish the opportunity of the last game of the World Preliminaries and achieve good results. At the same time, this is also likely to be the “curtain call” of many post-80s international players in the team, such as Wu Xi, Hao Junmin and others. But even so, the Chinese team’s performance on the field is still mediocre.

In Asia, Oman’s FIFA ranking is lower than China’s. From the perspective of the game process, the two teams are not at the same level at all. The Oman team is better than the Chinese team in terms of individual skills and overall cooperation.

In the first and second half, the Oman team who played at home scored a goal each. The Chinese team had 57% of the ball possession and a 7-0 advantage in corner kicks. They shot 7 times but failed to hit the target, and they didn’t even create a decent chance in the whole game. Even if a player wants to fight, it is like a fist on cotton, no threat. In such an inconsequential game, facing the Oman team, which is only fourth in the group, there is no hope of victory or even a goal at all.

At the pre-match press conference, Li Xiaopeng said in public: “I once joked with my players that as long as we wear this suit, no matter who our opponent is, the opponent will become very strong.” After the game, people discovered that, The head coach is really not joking, he is telling the truth.

Coach questioned

The head coach of the Chinese men’s football team is really not a good seat. Because of his “iron-like” stubbornness and the team’s unruly performance, Li Tie was dismissed by the outside world. Li Xiaopeng, a more experienced local coach representative of the Mesozoic generation, was not much better.

According to such statistics, since Li Xiaopeng took office, he has led the national football team with 1 draw and 3 losses, scoring 2 goals and conceding 8 goals, including a humiliating 1-3 loss to the Vietnam team. It was only 1 point for the Saudi team that had already qualified for the group ahead of schedule and had no intention of fighting.

In this game yesterday morning, Li Xiaopeng’s personnel arrangement was also widely questioned in the circle. He formed a 541 formation, with Zhang Yuning in charge of the front line, but two players on the flank made “weird moves”: Wu Xi, who has always played the back midfielder, played left midfielder; Dai Weijun, who was good at the middle and had no speed advantage, Also put on the right. For a long time, the two side lanes were unable to go up or dash forward, and Zhang Yuning was unable to support it alone.

In the second half, when the national football team needed to strengthen their offense to equalize the score, Li Xiaopeng replaced the only center Zhang Yuning, and put Liu Binbin, who was good at playing a winger, at the forefront.

Seeing that the coach is so tossing, but being crushed by his opponent on the court, he has to sigh: Make the best use of talents, perform their duties, and employ people well?

In four games, he only got 1 point. As a “fire-fighting coach”, Li Xiaopeng not only failed to put out the fire, but also made the fire grow bigger and faster. Can his performance be said to be qualified? Unless you open your eyes and talk nonsense.

Although the Chinese Football Association did not expressly stipulate that he would be dismissed after coaching the World Preliminaries, and even stated that he would let Li Xiaopeng lead the national football team to play the Asian Cup at home next year, but from the current situation, Li Xiaopeng is difficult to convince the public and is likely to leave early.

As the current elite of domestic coaches, Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng’s performance is embarrassing, which is enough to explain one point: the heads of the Football Association, please invite a suitable coach for the national team.

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