Shantou is planning a 100 billion-level marine industry cluster to promote the high-quality development of the marine economy

The main event of “World Ocean Day and National Ocean Publicity Day” was held in Shantou

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhao Yingguang, Chen Kaiyue, Shan Xuan reporter reported: On June 8, the main event of “World Ocean Day and National Ocean Publicity Day” with the theme “Protection of the Marine Ecosystem and Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature” in Shantou. This home event is reported to be sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and hosted by the General Office of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Publicity and Education Center, South China Sea Bureau, Department of Natural Resources Guangdong Province, and the People’s Government of Shantou City. As the second city in Guangdong Province to host the home event of the National Marine Publicity Day after Zhuhai, Shantou fully demonstrated its achievements in marine environmental protection and marine economy development through this event.

Nan’ao Island won the “Gold Signboard” of the national brand

A reporter from the Yangcheng Evening News saw at the event site that the blue display made people feel like they were in the ocean, and the display boards with pictures and texts clearly “reported” Shantou’s measures and achievements in promoting defense marine ecology and high quality economic development.

At the event site, the organizer also announced the results of the first national selection “Islands of Harmony” A total of 7 islands in Guangdong province were selected, and Nan’ao Island in Shantou was impressively ranked, winning “signboard another successful “gold”. from the national brand.

“The selection of the national ‘Island of Harmony’ is an acknowledgment and recognition of South Australia’s work in recent years in terms of ecological protection and restoration, resource conservation and intensive use, human settlement enhancement, green development and low carbon, typical economic. development, cultural building and system building. Definitely.” Zhang Lin, Party Secretary of Nan’ao County, Shantou City, said in an interview. In fact, Shantou, which stands by the sea and thrives towards the sea, always considers marine ecological protection as key task, and promote the ecological restoration of coastal wetlands, coastlines and offshore waters in a coordinated manner, and promote the realization of “clear water, green beach, clean beach, the marine ecological civilization goal of “beautiful bays and beautiful islands” will strengthen the further marine ecological barrier.

Promote the high quality development of the maritime economy

“Investing in Shantou is at the right time!” At the media promotion meeting for the high-quality development of Shantou marine economy held on the afternoon of the 8th, Shantou Natural Resources Bureau, Shantou Development and Reform Bureau, Shantou Culture, Radio, Television Bureau, Tourism and Sports, Shantou City The relevant people took responsible for the Investment Promotion Bureau and other units in turn to make presentations on Shantou’s marine resources, marine ecological protection, marine industry, coastal tourism, Silk Road Maritime culture, intangible cultural heritage food, business environment and policy support.

Shantou has a vast sea area, with a jurisdictional area of ​​about 4,436 square kilometers, a usable sea area of ​​10,500 square kilometers, and a mainland coastline of 229.4 kilometers. Relying on the unique marine resources, Shantou anchors the main task of high-quality development, and is actively planning to build a 100 billion-level marine industry cluster such as modern offshore wind power, marine tourism, and marine fisheries, expanding active. blue development space, and building a modern maritime city.

Regarding the development of offshore wind power industry, Shantou is fully focused on the construction goal of building an international wind power innovation port, using the entire ecosystem of the offshore wind power industry scientifically, and striving to build a Power Innovation Port Shantou International Wind is a “national. offshore wind industry base and international offshore wind innovation source.” “. At the same time, Shantou is also promoting the development of industries such as hydrogen energy, energy storage, and smart electrical equipment, and is striving to build a new energy industry cluster of 200 billion yuan.

At the end of May this year, the Huaneng Lemen Ⅱ Offshore Wind Farm located in the Nan’ao sea area of ​​Shantou completed the pile foundation construction and entered the stage of erecting wind turbines. This is the second offshore wind power project to start construction in Shantou City, and it is also a key project of the “14th Five Year Plan” of the province and the city The intensive indicators of the project and saving the sea have reached the leading level in Guangdong province The average production capacity reaches 2 billion kWh. It is said that the third phase of the Guang’ao Port project is expected to start construction at the end of this year, and three wind power operation and maintenance terminals will be built.

Shantou also has unique advantages in animal husbandry, fishing and sea farming, and in building green barns. In recent years, based on the endowment of fisheries resources, industrial base, and location advantages, Nan’ao County, Shantou has accelerated the process of transformation and upgrading of traditional fisheries and converted fishermen to increase their income. “Zero” breakthrough. At present, relevant enterprises are still planning the scale of deep sea aquaculture industry, and with the support of modern information technology and engineering equipment, they will cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions to develop and design deep sea intelligent scale large aquaculture equipment platform.

It can be said, from the shallow sea to the deep sea, from “seeing the sky to eat” to “high efficiency farming”, from single fishing to aquatic product processing, modern logistics, recreational fisheries and other secondary and tertiary industries. Generally developed, Shantou marine ranch has developed rapidly, ” The “blue barn” gradually took shape.

In addition, the Shantou Nanao National Coastal Fishing Port Economic Zone construction project is preparing to enter the substantial construction phase. The Nan’ao County National Coastal Fishing Port Economic Zone is reported to be one of the 15 pilot projects of the fishing port economic zone supported by the central financial subsidy funds, and it is also the first pilot area of ​​the fishing port economic zone in Guangdong province.

Seven islands in Guangdong selected as “Islands of Harmony”

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Li reported: On June 8, the main event of “World Ocean Day and National Ocean Publicity Day” with the theme “Protection of the Marine Ecosystem and Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature” kicked off in Shantou. At the site of the event, the Ministry of Natural Resources announced the list of “Harmony Islands” and held an award ceremony and 33 islands across the country were selected. Among them, Dong’ao Island, Hailing Island, Nan’ao Island, Shangchuan Island, Wailingding Island, Guishan Island and Triangle Island in Guangdong Province were selected.

The islands selected this time include Dachangshan Island and Xiaochangshan Island (island group), Dawangjia Island and Zhangzi Island in Liaoning Province, Changshan South Island and Changshan North Island (island group), Daheishan Island and Tuo Island in Shandong Province Jidao, Liandao in Jiangsu Province, Chongming Island in Shanghai, Nanji Island, Huaniaoshan Island, Dongtou Island, Yuhuan Island, Gouqi Island, Hua’ao Island, Upper Dachen Island and Lower Dachen Island (island group) in Zhejiang Province, Xiushan Island, Meizhou Island, Gulangyu Island, Haitan Island, Dayu Mountain, Huiyu Island, Nanri Island in Fujian Province, Dong’ao Island, Hailing Island, Nan’ao Island, Shangchuan Island, Wailingding Island, Guishan Island in Guangdong Province, Delta Island, Island Weizhou in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Dongyu Island, Border Island, and Zhaoshu Island in Hainan Province.

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