‘Shindang Station Stalking Murder’ Victim’s Attorney “The honor of the deceased should no longer be harmed”

photo credit: Yonhap News

It emerged that the victim of the ‘Sindang Station Stalking Murder Case’ appealed to the court for “severe punishment so that the accused can never retaliate” before the sentence of the stalking time trial was made.

Lawyer Min Go-eun, representative of the victim’s family, held a press conference in front of the National Medical Center where the burial place of the deceased was prepared today and said, “I hope the reputation of the deceased will not be harm it. anymore.”

Lawyer Min said, “The victim was the bravest of all. We communicated enthusiastically.”

He said, “The suspect asked for a settlement and submitted a statement of reflection to the court, but he did not feel it was sincere.” He pointed out that he was making excuses.

He also said that he did not want to blame the investigating agency for the situation where Jeon Joo-hwan was not arrested, but said, “I felt limited as a victim’s lawyer because all the investigating agencies were not active.”

“The essence of this case is that the victim suffered stalking damage from the defendant for two years, which ultimately led to murder,” he said. “Everything else is secondary.”

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