Hezumaryu Dogeza Apology First attack on Shacho and nuisance, apologize for two years over “I regretted”: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

In the collaboration video released by the music group “Repezen Foxx” on September 18, 2022, YouTuber Hajime Shacho, who co-stars in “Gachi NG”, and former annoying YouTuber Hezumari Ryu face each other.

  • From Repezen Foxx Twitter (@RepezenFoxx)

  • From Repezen Foxx Twitter (@RepezenFoxx)

“Two years ago, I kept my house out for about a month and a half.”

When Hezuma was active as a “nuisance YouTuber”, he repeatedly followed Hajime, who was a popular YouTuber.

Hajime kept quiet, saying, “There is a possibility that it will be a boost to Mr. Hezuma’s publicity.” In a video titled “About nuisance,” he talks about the damage.

At that time, Mr. Hezuma, who had posted many videos of attacking YouTubers, said that Hajime also had a stake out near his house and had done troublesome acts such as attacking him. In fact, on June 28, he posted a video titled ” Hajime Shachou Convex! I asked for Mentos Cola! Hezumaru Ryu “.

Hajime says he shut himself up in his house to protect himself from nuisance, but said he was fed up with Hezuma’s actions like yelling “Hajime!” in front of the house.

Such a face-to-face meeting between the two was realized in a video by Repezen Foxx called “[Parodrwydd fflam]Hajime Shacho tried to make Hezumaru stick again”.

According to the DJ president, Mr. Hajime says, “There are no NGs to my surprise.” Hajime-san’s “actual NG” is Hezuma-san, and when the topic of Hezuma-san came up in a previous video, Hajime-san said that he hadn’t even mentioned his name.

Hezuma, who was asked by a member of the Repezen, “What kind of fate?”

“Maybe Hajime Shacho, I want to kill myself,” he said, and since he hadn’t apologized yet after the incident, he said, “I’m sorry. I apologize.”

“No, but if you really think about it, nothing at all.”

When Mr. Hezuma appeared saying “A special guest has appeared!”, Mr. Hajime retreated with a frightened expression. Mr. Hezuma rushed into the entrance and said, “Is it just one word?! Really! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“At that time, I had no talent and no ability to plan… Maybe you didn’t believe me, but I was putting my life on the line. I’m really sorry!” Hezuma bowed his head repeatedly while kneeling on the ground.

Hajime said, “You didn’t imagine that, did you?” Hezuma replied, “You don’t have to add ‘san’. I think you really caused a nuisance to the neighbors by forcing it.

When Hajime asked, “Huh? Are you meditating right?” Hezuma replied, “I was sorry. “Hurry up,” he answers.

Hajime said, “Wait a minute… It’s more than I imagined. No, but if you’re thinking about the real thing, I don’t know. It’s very strong to say sorry to people. Even if I apologize, it’s like that.”

“Vessel!” “You are too kind.”

When Hajime bowed his head to Hezuma-san, who bowed his head and stood up, saying, “Thank you very much,” said DJ President-san, “‘Here it is.’

Hajime-san turned to Hezuma-san and said, “I thought it would be better if I stopped being angry, but I’m really glad you came to apologize like this … I don’t mean that,” he said.

When Mr. DJ said, “It’s just a mouth…”, Mr. Hezuma replied, “It doesn’t matter if you shave or whatever. You can even break all your teeth.” When Hajime teased him with “fingers…” and “nails on hands and feet…”, Hezuma shrank and looked scared.

After Mr. Hezuma left the stage, Mr. Hajime held his head and declared, “No, this is the statute of limitations for me.” The members were surprised, “How big!” and “You are too kind.”

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