Shinji’s troubles at their height… “You get your hands under the padding at club events. There was a lot of physical contact.”

Captured from KBS 2TV variety show ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’

Shinji (real name Lee Ji-sun, photo), a member of the mixed group Koyote, shared the hardships he experienced in his former prime.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’, broadcast on the 21st, Shinji, Baekga (real name Baek Baek-hyun), and Kim Jong-min, members of the group Koyote, appeared and spoke. .

On this day, MC Kim Sook said, “In the past, they were so popular that they couldn’t even go to the bathroom.” Shinji said, “I had 13 to 15 schedules a day.”

He continued, “I want to go to the bathroom, but I can’t.” “If I’m late, I get pushed back, so even my stylist sister and I cried in the car, but he didn’t. stop.”

Another MC, Song Eun-i, asked, “Didn’t you go to many nightclub events?” Shinji said, “There were a lot of mean people there.”

Additionally, “Even in the middle of summer, when I wore padding to protect my upper body, my hands came in.” “I became a singer because I wanted to sing, but I wondered why I had to be forced into such a situation. “

He added, “At that point, I couldn’t stop it.” “(People in the nightclub) also touched the male members,” he added. Then, Kim Jong-min said, “That’s why we had to stop Shinji first.”

Online News Reporter Lim Miso

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