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Ending the rush to win the Edgar Martinez Award

On the 29th (30th Japan time), pitcher Shohei Ohtani of the Angels received the “Edgar Martinez Award (Best Designated Hitter Award)” given to the most active designated hitter of the year. Established in 1973, this award is the first Japanese to receive the award and the first to be selected from the Angels. Otani was honored with the 10th crown this season and ended the award rush.

The 10 awards that Otani won for this off are as follows.

・ MLB selection “Commissioner’s Special Award”
An award given to teams and individuals who have made historic achievements. The awards began in 1998, with a total of 15 past award winners (including groups). Among the Japanese, Ichiro (then Mariners), who hit 262 hits in 2004, won the award, making it the second feat.

・ Most Valuable Player in US Magazine “Baseball Digest” (Fielder Division)
・ American magazine “Baseball America” ​​player of the year
・ American magazine “Sporting News” Player of the Year (MLB Player of the Year)
Otani, who was selected by the US media as the best player of the season, was also disappointed. The prestigious magazines “Baseball America” ​​and “Baseball Digest” were also selected as the best players of the season.

・ Voting between players “player of the year”
・ Voting between players “American League best fielder”
Also selected in two categories at the “Player’s Choice Awards” selected by the Major League Baseball Players Association by voting among players. The player of the year was the first Japanese to receive the award.

・ Silver Slugger Award
An award in which one player from each position is selected from each position by the votes of the manager and coach. Otani was elected in the DH category of the American League. This is the second Japanese player to receive the award since Ichiro (Mariners) in 2009.

・ American League MVP
The player of the year decided by a vote by a reporter belonging to the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Otani won the award without complaint by the 19th full vote in history. This is the second Japanese MVP since Mr. Ichiro in 2001.

・ All MLB Team
For the first time in history, he won the “All MLB Team” in two categories, where players who played an active part this season are selected by fan voting. When he was selected as the “first team” as a designated hitter, he was also listed as a “second team” as a starting pitcher.

・ Edgar Martinez Award
An award given to the most successful designated hitter of the year. This is the first time for a Japanese person to receive the award, which was established in 1973. It was also the first time to be selected from the Angels.

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