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The A-share market closed in February,Shanghai IndexIt rose 3%, while the index fell 0.96%.

On February 28, the three major A-share stock indexes collectively opened slightly lower. After a short period of high, there was a trend of diving and bottoming, and then remained weak and fluctuated within a narrow range. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets showed a trend of slight decline. In the afternoon, the two cities recovered, and the three major indexes turned red collectively.

As of the close on February 28, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.32% to 3462.31 points; the Science and Technology 50 Index rose 0.7% to 1249.59 points;Shenzhen Component Indexrose 0.32% to 13455.73 points;GEM refers toIt rose 0.89% to 2881.31 points.

So far, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 3% in February, the Science and Technology Innovation 50 Index rose 1.66%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.96%, and the ChiNext Index fell 0.96%.

Wind statistics show that 1,974 companies in the two cities rose, 2,594 companies fell, and 151 companies were flat.

On February 28, the total turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 949.1 billion yuan, a decrease of 69.7 billion yuan from 1,018.8 billion yuan in the previous trading day. Among them, the Shanghai market turnover was 413.8 billion yuan, a decrease of 27.9 billion yuan from the previous trading day’s 441.7 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen market turnover was 535.3 billion yuan.

A total of 67 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose by more than 9%, and 26 stocks fell by more than 9%.

Northbound funds flowed rapidly in late trading on February 28, totalingnet inflow2.047 billion yuan. in,Shanghai Stock ConnectThe net inflow was 1.708 billion yuan,Shenzhen Stock ConnectThe net inflow was 339 million yuan.

  numbercurrencygo strong

In terms of sectors, digital currencies strengthened,Xinchen Technology(300542)、Sifang Jingchuang(300468)、Hailian Jinhui(002537) and other daily limit or more than 10%,TANSUN Technology(300872)、Nantian Information(000948)、Changliang Technology(300348) rose more than 6%.

  non-ferrous metalsactive,Jixiang shares(603399)、China Mining Resources(002738) wait for the daily limit,Western Gold(601069)、Western Mining(601168)、Baotai Co., Ltd.(600456)、CMOC(603993) rose more than 4%.

The industrial mother machine sector fell the most,Yujing Co., Ltd.(002943) fell more than 9%,Qinghai Huading(600243)、Huachen Equipment(300809)、Japanese hair machine(002520)、Huazhong CNC(300161) fell more than 2%.

The household appliances sector performed poorly,Bee shares(603215) limit down,Boss Electric(002508) fell more than 6%,Wanhe Electric(002543)、Fujia shares(603219)、Rongtai Health(603579)、Bear Electric(002959) fell more than 2%.

  Adjustment is a better alternative to dipsHershey’sExpect

  Guotai JunanIt is believed that, affected by the changes in the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the market risk aversion has rebounded significantly, and the concept of war benefits such as gold and oil has shown obvious performance.The market trading volume has once again dropped below the trillion scale, maintaining the previous judgment. The impact of the geopolitical situation on the A-share market is short-term, and the adjustment is a relatively short-term strategy.Hershey’sExpect. The GEM refers to the fact that there are already signs of stabilization, and it is not recommended to panic blindly in the short term. Therefore, it is recommended in operation to pay attention to digital construction, new infrastructure, large consumption and other directions. In terms of thematic investment, you can continue to pay attention to the east and the west.

Regarding recent market trends,CITIC SecuritiesIt is believed that the high point of the geo-risk shock may have passed, and the risk disturbance is mainly reflected in the emotional level. In March, it will enter the initial effect observation period of the stabilizing growth policy. “It has been confirmed in turn, it is recommended to maintain a high position, closely follow the main line of stable growth, adhere to the balanced configuration of the two dimensions of industry and style, and focus on the “two lows” layout.

First, the impact of geo-risks on the global market may have passed its peak, the possibility of further spread of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is relatively low, and the impact of the disturbance is expected to weaken. Secondly, the review of the 6 geopolitical conflict events in history shows that the geopolitical conflict does not change the medium-term trend of the Sino-US stock market, and it is expected that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will not change the trend of the mid-term improvement of A shares and the mid-term adjustment of US stocks. At the same time, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates by 25bps in March, which is lower than the previous expectation. Third, the policy of stabilizing growth is expected to be more intensified, and the policy will continue to increase and enter a period of concentrated efforts. Finally, the “three bottoms” of A shares have been confirmed in turn, the high point of external shock disturbance may have passed, and the internal fundamentals are expected to enter a repair channel with policy support.

It is recommended to adhere to the balanced configuration of the two dimensions of industry and style, and actively deploy around the “two lows”.Specifically: varieties whose fundamentals are expected to be relatively low, focusing on midstream manufacturing that was suppressed by cost issues in the early stage, such as automobiles and parts, photovoltaicswind power equipmentetc., airlines and hotels whose fundamentals are still expected to be at a low level; those with relatively low valuations, it is recommended to pay attention to high-quality developers, building materials and home furnishing companies whose real estate credit risk is expected to be mitigated, telecommunications operators with significantly improved cash flow, and new Smart grids and energy storage in the infrastructure sector, data centers and cloud infrastructure benefiting from “East Numbers and West Calculations”, and interconnection driven by the content of Hong Kong stocks after the fall of some leading companiesNetDragonAs well as fine chemical companies with the ability to develop new businesses such as new materials.

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