‘Sin City 3’ exceeds 2 million viewers… Records faster than the first part |

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Aoki Munetaka, director Lee Sang-yong, actors Ma Dong-seok and Lee Jun-hyuk attend a press conference for the film ‘Crime City 3’. ⓒReporter Lee Hye-young

[스포츠한국 김두연 기자] The film ‘Sin City 3’ had more than 2 million viewers on the third day of its release.

Based on the Korea Film Promotion Commission’s integrated computer network for movie theater tickets, the movie ‘Crime City 3’ exceeded 2 million viewers on June 2 (Friday) at 2:00 pm on the third day of its release.

The box office trend is drawing attention faster than the previous film, which was the top box office hit of 2022 and set a new record for the highest box office hit during the pandemic, surpassing 2 million on the fourth day . It is also the first Korean film released in 2023 to surpass 2 million.

It is a message from the industry that word of mouth power from actual viewers is great for such quick success at the box office.

Meanwhile, in the film, the irrepressible monster detective ‘Ma Seok-do’ (Ma Dong-seok) moves to the Seoul Metropolitan Investigation Unit, and ‘Joo Seong-cheol’ (Lee Jun-hyeok), who is the behind new drug crime. case, and another villain ‘Ricky’ (Aoki Mune) is involved in a drug case The exciting crime-fighting operation to catch Taka) is highly acclaimed in theaters across the country.


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