Song Ji-hyo’s shocking short cut fans angry image is important…

Fans are dissatisfied with Song Ji-hyo’s radical style change
“Improve styling”

Actress Song Ji-hyo / Photo = Provided by SBS

While actress Song Ji-hyo changed her hairstyle to a short cut, fans expressed dissatisfaction and demanded a change of stylist.

Some of Song Ji-hyo’s fans released a statement titled ‘I urge Song Ji-hyo’s styling (coordination, hair, makeup) improvement’ through the online community DC Inside Gallery on the 29th.

Fans said, “Dissatisfaction with Song Ji-hyo’s styling has been consistently discussed among fans for several years. I refrained from doing joint acts in my opinion.”

He continued, “Fans have been cheering for us quietly, thinking, ‘If you move your agency, it will improve,’ and ‘It will change soon because there are fans who express their opinions.’ In the online community, the situation where Song Ji-hyo is always mentioned as a celebrity who lacks styling has continued,” he pointed out.

He emphasized, “I want you to understand that the problem of styling is not just for the satisfaction of fans, but is very important for being cast in a good work and forming a positive image of an actor.”

Actress Song Ji-hyo / Photo = SNS

Actress Song Ji-hyo / Photo = SNS

Finally, the fans said, “We demand a replacement by a skilled and experienced stylist, refrain from wearing clothes that do not fit the concept, a styling combination and hair shop replacement, and a makeup shop replacement.” We also requested feedback from the agency on this.

Previously, on the 13th, Song Ji-hyo revealed her transformation with an unconventional short-cut hairstyle through Instagram. On the 28th, SBS ‘Running Man’ also appeared in this form and received a lot of attention from other cast members, but he did not reveal the reason for changing his hairstyle.

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