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Original title: South Korea’s diplomatic white paper says Japan is the closest neighbor. South Korean netizens don’t buy it. Source: World Wide Web

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea released the “2021 Diplomatic White Paper” on the 6th, reviewing the keynotes and achievements of South Korea’s foreign policy in 2020, and referred to Japan as the “closest neighbor”. However, some South Korean netizens seemed not to buy it, calling Japan as the “closest neighbor”. “The main enemy”.

According to Yonhap News Agency’s report on the same day, South Korea’s “2021 Diplomatic White Paper” referred to Japan as the “closest neighbor”, stating that Seoul is striving to stabilize and develop South Korea and Japan based on the dual-track tone of resolving historical issues and advancing future-oriented cooperation with Japan in substantive areas. relation. In the “2019 White Paper on Diplomacy,” South Korea referred to Japan as a “neighboring country,” but the following year it changed the expression to “closest neighbors.” Nyucis News Agency stated that despite the serious differences between South Korea and Japan on a number of issues, the South Korean government still shows its willingness to improve relations between the two countries.

“Korea Ilbo” believes that the most concerned thing in the white paper is how to describe the relationship between South Korea and Japan that has been in a “cooling period” during Moon Jae-in’s tenure. According to the report, compared with the 2020 Diplomatic White Paper, the expression of “shared value” has been added this time. The report also said that the relationship between the two countries has not yet improved, and mentioned that the head of the South Korean Police Agency had been protested by Japan before landing on Dokdo. “Korea Ilbo” analyzed that although the relationship between South Korea and Japan fell to the bottom because they could not see a solution to the historical problem, the white paper still showed the South Korean government’s strong desire to improve the relationship.

However, some South Korean netizens seem to disagree with the description of Japan in the diplomatic white paper. Some netizens believe that Japan is the “main enemy.”

“Japan is the nearest enemy country”

“Depressed. The citizens really support a tough policy toward Japan, but considering the conservative media, they adopt an ambiguous posture at the end of their term. They can’t say that they are indeed the main enemy.”



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