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Square Enix will buy the Final Fantasy XIV Completion Pack (download version) for 50% off from today (December 21) until January 6, 2023 in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) We announced that we are holding a sale that can be made.

“FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Pack” 50% OFF sale now on!
FFXIV is holding a 50% OFF sale for “Final Fantasy XIV Complete Pack” (download version) from today until January 6, 2023. “FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Pack” can play all game elements including the latest update. those considering starting FFXIV, and those playing the free trial, this is it
Buy it when you get the chance!

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・ Final Fantasy XIV: Mog Station (Windows® version, Mac version)
・ Square Enix e-STORE (Windows® version, Mac version)
・PlayStation® Store (PS5™ version, PS4™ version)
・Amazon.co.jp (Windows® version)
*On Amazon.co.jp, the start of the sale has been delayed due to system problems. The sale will start as soon as it is ready.

・ “FINAL FANTASY XIV COMPLETION PACK” Normal version (download version)
・ “FINAL FANTASY XIV COMPLETION PACK” Collector’s Edition (download version)

In addition to “A Realm Reborn”, all the expansion packs (Ishgard of the Blue Sky & Liberator of Guren & Villains of Darkness & Finale of Akatsuki) are included in this great pack. The Collector’s Edition comes with all the Collector’s Edition bonus items in the game from A Realm Reborn to Akatsuki Finale.

* The FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Pack comes with a 30 day free period.
* If you want to continue playing after the 30-day free period, a separate service usage fee is required.
* The 30-day free period can only be used once per platform per service account. Adding one platform rights to an existing service account does not activate the 30-day free period.
* Sales start and end times vary depending on the circumstances of each sales site. This sale may end without notice.
*Steam version is not eligible for sale.

Details can be found here

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