Stamp Fairtex looks through Ritu prepares to fight on 3 Dec.

“Stamp Fairtex”, a strong female representative of Thailand, is ready to compete in the World Grand Prix, female atomweight category. The final against Indian wrestling champion Ritu Fogat at ONE: WINTER WARRIORS will be broadcast live on Friday, 3 December 2021. Prepare to tickle your weaknesses and knock out with Muay Thai.

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The strong woman representing the Thai nation knows that Ritu is a strong contender in the sleeping game and has defeated some of the most skilled fighters in the country, including “Meng Bo”, the Chinese favorite and “Jenelyn Olsim”, the star from Lakai team until he came to compete with her However, Stamp did not panic, considering Ritu as a human being with weaknesses. which she saw through all

Stamp also believes that a strong foundation in Muay Thai has made her stand out more than wrestler Ritu, defensively defensively from a powerful take-down from Ritu with knee stabs and attacks. Elbow, which Stamp also said, could be seen ending the game with a knockout.

“I’m not afraid of him (Ritu), he’s just a human like me. I think he only has the strength to take down opponents. As for fighting in the standing game, he wasn’t that good. There are only normal yabb and right fists.”

“Besides, I see Ritu as someone who can’t get pregnant. and the chin is brittle which is an obvious weakness I will use my knees and elbows to my advantage, but I will mainly use Muay Thai skills to prevent his takedown. I have to see if Ritu will dare to take the risk or not. Because if he comes in for take-down, he will definitely get hurt first.”

“This time, I prepare to sharpen my knees and elbows with full teeth because in this fight, I think I have to win by knockout.”

Fans can watch the Atomweight World Grand Prix Final at ONE: WINTER WARRIORS live on Friday, December 3, 64, starting at 7:30 p.m. via the ONE mobile app. Super App, YouTube ONE Championship, AIS Play (only for AIS customers) and Thairath TV, Channel 32, receive a live signal at 9:30 PM.


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