Start the Swimming for Life project Set a goal to teach 2,200 children across the country to avoid drowning.

Start the Swimming for Life project Set a goal to teach 2,200 children across the country to avoid drowning.

The Swimming Sports Association of Thailand, in collaboration with PTT Public Company Limited, has launched the Swim for Life 2023 project in the central region at Khlong Kum Youth Centre, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok.

Gen. Thanit Pipitwanichakarn, Advisor to the Swimming Sports Association of Thailand And the president of the Swimming for Life 2023 project, together with Mr. Sakchai Suriyawong, the representative of the president of the Bangkok region, and Mr. Samarn Suebsai, the head of the Klong Kum Youth Center. Office of Culture, Sports and Tourism Participate in the opening ceremony of the Swim for Life Program 2023 at Khlong Kum Youth Centre, Bangkok

swimming for life project is a collaboration between the Swimming Sports Association of Thailand and PTT Public Company Limited Organized social activities. Emphasis on basic swimming training for children in disadvantaged communities. and with little capital By Bueng Kum Youth Center There are disadvantaged youth and more than 50 special children participated in the project The training was divided into 10 sessions of 1 hour each, which would be evaluated after the training on being able to float to start and being able to help others to start.

Gen revealed Thanit Pipitwanichkan that this project is considered a very good thing. The Thai Swimming Association has joined forces with PTT to do good activities for the association. And special children in disadvantaged communities can swim to reduce the death rate among youth caused by drowning. And believes that in the future he will be able to thoroughly expand the opportunities and reach more youth than ever.

For PTT a Public Company Limited supports the budget. Organizing a Swimming for Life project to develop swimming skills for disadvantaged children in different regions. Seek cooperation with the community to further develop the search for new generations of athletes. and providing services to disadvantaged swimmers in the community leading to a reduction in death rates from drowning The implementation period of the project is between March and May 2023, with target swimmers. Being disadvantaged swimmers or with little money in communities in each of the 6 regions, viz

1) Central Region 1, 500 people
2) Central Region 2, 500 people
3) North-eastern region, 500 people
4) Southern Region, 500 people
5) Northern region, 500 people
6) Bangkok, 500 people

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