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Giving up is “give a chance”, so the Gofal Mawr Foundation has created a “Wide World of Opportunities” by providing learning opportunities to remote areas By focusing on providing educational opportunities to help open up the world of learning for children through 3 main activity: “Open the world Make a Smile”, “Learning Film Room” and “Come Add a Smile” In addition, the company also sent energy and encouragement to doctors, nurses, medical personnel, patients and communities during the Covid-epidemic 19 in the past, reflecting the position of the Great Care Foundation, which is ready to be on the side of all sectors Creating happiness and creating good stories for society

Step into the 9th year that the Gofal Mawr Institute has been established and focus on helping, promoting and improving the quality of life of children, people with disabilities and the disadvantaged elderly in society. By focusing on providing educational opportunities to help open up the world of learning so that the children can grow to be quality personnel in society through 3 main activities:

“Open the world Create a Smile”, an activity that creates opportunities for imagination and creativity that allows disadvantaged children and the elderly to watch movies for free in all branches of the Great Cineplex Group, in Bangkok and the country .who led the children 266,559 people have seen the film and 47,386 people have come in to see the film, a total of 313,945 people.

Including one more activity that is an educational opportunity for the children, which is a big problem that Major Care Foundation has accelerated to create good things to add happiness and create smiles for the children with the activity “Come to we won’t fill a hundred smiles. with a full heart” by giving 20 scholarships per year, 10,000 baht per year, to 2 groups of children, 10 scholarships to disadvantaged children and 10 to children with disabilities with physical and intellectual disabilities Participate in activities watching movies and conveying feelings through essays on inspiration from movies. and have been selected for a total of 120 scholarships

as well as establishing a “learning film room” to give to schools in remote areas and being a community learning center for 10 schools a year to add more learning areas. Opening the world of ideas and creating good inspiration through films, cartoons and various creative documentaries. Over the last 5 years, the Foundation has created and provided learning cinemas in 53 schools in 53 states. And this year, the Foundation continues to provide educational opportunities as the “Classroom Delivery Activity” continues for the sixth year in 5 other schools in 5 provinces, namely Sing Buri, Ang Thong, Phatthalung, Ranong and Tak, with the aim of achieving all one of the 77 states across the country.

This time, Gofal Mawr Institute organized the activity “Let’s add a smile. with a full heart.” Charity bowling and scholarship for the year 2022 to create opportunities for imagination and creativity for the children Every step of the Gofal Mawr Foundation is still full of energy and determination. “Ready by my side…every step” to create good stories for society by giving 10 scholarships to disadvantaged children and 10 disabled children with physical and intellectual disabilities from different states such as the State Special Education Center, Mukdahan State, Physical School and Disabled Mobility Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Northeast Welfare Center for people with mental retardation, Udon Thani Province, Ban Khao Kaew Municipal School, Songkhla Province, etc.

There are also kind adults who see the importance of education. The Gofal Mawr Foundation has received support from many companies and organizations that join together to give opportunities and add happiness to children, people with disabilities and the elderly. Donate money to support the work of the Great Care Foundation, namely AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Boon Rawd Brewery Company Limited, Srithai Superware Public Company Limited, Nong Noochin Company Limited Industrial Co, Ltd and LED Pro Center Co. , Ltd donated televisions and Home Cinema sets to support cinema learning

The event was graced by Vicha Poolvaraluk, chairman of the Great Care Foundation, together with the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Arunocha Panupan, Komkrit Sirirat and Wichaya Poolvaralak to join the charity bowling alley. “Nong Tutor Yaowarat” joins to create happiness and add good inspiration through music Feat With two hot young men Cooper Pattaraphasit Na Songkhla and Shane Natchaphon Cheewapanya, together with an army of famous artists, Bowie Att. Ma Chewanichphan, Ice Amena Kool , Team Miss Universe Thailand 2022 Nicole Glaksman, Nadapan Kamngern, Pimpika Chuenchoophol, Nitthakan Aksornwan and Nak Shows from Iron Lady Academy 2022, etc., who come to provide entertainment, create happiness, fun and give prizes away. Ready to sell souvenirs And give a chance to have fun with Soi Dao The proceeds after deducting expenses from the Great Care Foundation will be used to build a learning film room for children in remote areas at the Blue-O Rhythm & Bowl, 5th floor, Paragon Cinepe.

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