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“SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50″[F1-Gate .com]aiming to increase value by strengthening Super Formula, environmental technology and information dissemination

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Super Formula announced the project “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50” aimed at creating a sustainable motor sports industry after 2022. Through this project, he said, “We will promote various initiatives with the aim of becoming a motor sport that will be needed in society in the future.”

The history of Japan’s top formula, which began in 1973, will reach its 50th anniversary next year. Therefore, Super Formula announced the project “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50” for the “next 50 years”.

Overview of “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50”
Due to changes in the social environment such as SDGs and carbon neutral, and the influence of the new coronavirus, the environment surrounding the automobile industry and the motor sports industry is now facing a major turning point that has never been seen before.

JPR (Japan Race Promotion) will reach the milestone of 50 years of Japan’s top formula (from the opening of the All Japan F2000 Championship in 1973) in 2022, and through the “SF NEXT 50” project, we will seriously face the current social environment for 50 years. Aiming to further develop the attractiveness of the top formulas such as “longing for speed”, “fun to compete”, and “joy of winning” that we have cultivated, and at the same time aiming for motor sports that will be needed in the future society. , We will proceed with various initiatives.

1. 1.Driver’s First-Vision of “SF NEXT 50”
Up until now, domestic top formulas such as SUPER FORMULA have produced many top Japanese drivers who are active globally, and have also functioned as a place for overseas racing drivers to take on challenges. In the future, we will further improve its value and aim to become a “SUPER FORMULA representing Asia” that racing drivers from all over the world, not to mention Japan, will want to participate in, and will be admired by children all over the world.

To that end, SUPER FORMULA, the world’s highest level race, will gradually evolve the way of disseminating information and the way of enjoying the circuit from 2022 so that the sympathy and support of motor sports fans all over the world can be obtained. I will continue.

In addition, from 2022, we will introduce the “Saturday-Sunday 2 race system” for some competitions, and we will gradually promote efforts to expand the places where the drivers who participate in the race can play an active role and the places where the fans can support.

2. “SF NEXT 50” Partnership-Mobility and Entertainment Experiment Station-
Until now, motor sports have progressed along with the evolution of cars, and formula cars in particular have contributed to technological development of engines, tires, etc. by pursuing their speed. However, recent changes in the environment on a global scale toward a carbon-free society, including its speed, require new technological development that is completely different from the evolution of automobiles so far.

Moreover, in the modern society where the competition for digital contents is fierce, SUPER FORMULA recognizes that it is necessary to dramatically improve its value as entertainment and to widely appeal to the world.

Against this background, JRP has positioned the stage of SUPER FORMULA after 2022 as an “experimental site for technology development of mobility and entertainment”, and will run a test car equipped with technology in the development stage through “SF NEXT 50”. By repeating the demonstration experiment, we aim to evolve the technology in the actual field. At the same time, by showing the process to the world one after another, we will explore the ideal form of motor sports that will be needed by society in the future.

On the axis of mobility, together with Honda and TOYOTA automakers, we will develop technology for the future by making it a carbon-neutral test site including commercial vehicles in all aspects such as power train, chassis, tires, materials, fuel, etc. I will connect to. In particular, we will start testing in 2022 with the aim of introducing carbon-neutral fuels such as “e-Fuel” and “Bio Fuel”, and plant-derived natural materials called “Biocomposite” for chassis. We will continue to develop and test other items in sequence, aiming to introduce the next-generation formula car.

On the other hand, on the entertainment axis, we will update how to enjoy SUPER FORMULA with the theme of “digital shift”. We will take on the challenge of developing entertainment technology from various perspectives such as video, music, data, communication, AI, games, and animation, and aim to create a new motorsport culture that will be transmitted from Japan to the world.

JRP will launch the “SF NEXT 50 Partnership” to realize them. With Honda and TOYOTA automakers who have supported SUPER FORMULA as the center, companies that support and participate in the purpose will become “SF NEXT 50 partners” and take on various challenges toward the sustainable motor sports industry. We will proceed.

And this time, as a strategy partner of “SF NEXT 50”, we will participate in Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC. Utilizing the company’s know-how in various business fields, we will promote the project together as a driving force of this partnership.

3. Digital shift-a new motorsport experience for fans-
As mentioned above, in order to increase the value of SUPER FORMULA’s entertainment, we will proceed with the digital shift from 2022 and update the communication with our fans. Specifically, we will launch a new digital platform for SUPER FORMULA optimized for smartphones, and create an environment where fans can view the content they want to see anytime, anywhere.

On that digital platform, you can not only enjoy the LIVE broadcast of the race, but also watch and hear on-board images of all drivers, various vehicle data (vehicle speed and position information, remaining amount of overtaking system, etc.), driver radio audio, etc. By doing so, you will be able to freely select the driver you are supporting, analyze while comparing the situation of the vehicle, etc., and you will be able to experience watching the game according to the needs of the fans. increase.

In addition to the day of the race, we will be able to watch various video contents and use it as a place to interact with the drivers and teams who support us, while listening to the voices of the fans. We will expand the functions.
* Details of the digital platform will be announced around January 2022.

Through the activities of “SF NEXT 50”, JRP will contribute to the creation of a sustainable motorsport industry, and will endeavor to confidently disseminate its appeal with motorsport fans around the world. Please look forward to SUPER FORMULA.

Satoru Nakajima (Chairman of Japan Race Promotion Co., Ltd.)
In 1973, when Japan’s top formula was born, I myself made my debut as a racing driver. Over the last 50 years, there have been various changes in the times, but it is the support of the automobile industry, the motor sports industry, and the fans that we racing drivers have continued to race so far. It is none other than the cheering. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again. This “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50” is a challenge to leave the motor sports we love as a longing for future children. To that end, I would like to actively listen to new voices and ideas and reform in various fields without being bound by conventional methods and ways of thinking. We will create a new SUPER FORMULA with everyone who supports this challenge and fans who can support us, beyond the boundaries of the industry, including Honda and TOYOTA, so please look forward to it.

Koji Watanabe (Executive General Manager, Brand Communication Division, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)
Pierre Guthrie, who is active in the F1 World Championship, Alex Palou, who won the IndyCar Series in North America this year, and Kamui Kobayashi, who has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Many racing drivers, such as Kazuki Nakajima, have achieved good results in the SUPER FORMULA series and are making great strides in the world’s top races. I am very pleased to join the “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50” project, which will start to support more people from the top Japanese formula races to the world. Honda will continue to train racing drivers who can play an active role in the world’s top categories, and through participation in the race, it will produce excellent motorsports personnel including not only racing drivers but also engineers and mechanics, and promote Japanese motorsports. I will do my best. We look forward to your continued support.

Koji Sato (Executive Officer, GAZOO Racing Company President, Toyota Motor Corporation)
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans who support motor sports and all the people who support us. SUPER FORMULA is a driver’s race in which “motor sports athletes” play a leading role, and is a valuable stage that connects to the world. Motorsport is also a valuable experimental site where you can continue to solve problems and improve performance in a short lead time until the next race, and train your skills toward a “fast and strong car”. We are very pleased to be able to start this challenge with various partners including JRP and Honda. Through the activities of “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50”, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will continue to engage in sustainable motor sports activities in order to make more fans smile and support athletes who fly to the world. Thank you for your support.

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