‘Susie Susira’ opens up after her fiancée’s death, revealing that her business was almost destroyed because of the coronavirus.

‘Suzy Susira’ opened up after the news that ‘Christopher’ fiancée dies, says she hasn’t been working for years Business nearly collapsed due to COVID-19

After news of the departure of ‘Christopher‘The fiance of a young actress’Suzy Susira Naenna‘ who died of depression, most recently (December 3), the actress has opened up to interview about the issue of the sad news through the program ‘hot talk show‘ on the channel ‘one31‘ Revealed to the point that he did not accept the job for many years. Business nearly collapsed due to COVID-19 until having to spend money to help support millions of baht, stating that

During the way we were together, did we know about the illness before?

“Yes, he works as a warrior. There will be many events that will affect his mind.”

But one day, an unexpected event happened. fiancée deceased Can you tell me a little bit about what happened?

“At that time, I was with him at Susie’s house in Chiang Mai. When I heard the news, I was stunned. I couldn’t behave. I couldn’t speak at all. I couldn’t speak at all. I couldn’t behave. I was so sad.”

Image: Instagram @susiroo

than being strong How many months have you stopped working in the industry?

“Almost a year, Xi asked to rest his mind. and then request a break from the industry It is very important that we give ourselves time.”

What did we learn from the incident?

“Learn to love yourself more. Love yourself the most, take care of yourself, take care of your mental, physical and mental health.”

Suzy Susira

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Covid-19 ruining your business?

“It’s a family business. It is a business of silk, cotton, tie-dye fabric, Mudmee fabric. Mother is a foreigner. but a fabric expert.”

After covids, what happened to our business?

“During the time of COVID, it was very difficult. Chiang Mai has no tourists in the past. No one came to visit No one entered the store. We don’t have customers, no income, we need to find another solution, namely, to do a workshop, which is what we usually do. It’s a fabric dyeing workshop. We have to do workshops in order to support ourselves. We had to let many employees go. It’s a pity. We don’t want to. but really necessary.”

Suzy Susira

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Carry the expense to the point of cutting the meat?

“Yes, both the family and the family must use all the savings they have saved to support themselves.”

Hundreds of thousands, or go to millions?

“Millions is a burden, it’s a lot. We’re stressed. I think everyone’s stressed. Everyone is having a hard time. I want to encourage everyone to pass. The light is in front of us we have to be patient During this time we are getting better. What’s more coming to us? it’s encouraging Please continue to be patient.”

Suzy Susira

Image: Instagram @susiroo

Suzy Susira

Image: Instagram @susiroo

Suzy Susira

Image: Instagram @susiroo

You can watch the full talk show, click!

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