Winter Respiratory Diseases: Prevention and Control Measures in China

Rewrite text The National Health Commission held a press conference today (November 13) and invited relevant experts to present the prevention and control of winter respiratory diseases in my country. Respiratory diseases in my country have entered the season of high incidence, and multiple diseases are intertwined and superimposed Mi Feng, a spokesman for the […]

Why Mistaking Symptoms of COVID-19 Can Be Deadly: A Closer Look at Caiguabu Lung

Don’t Mistakenly Blame New Crown Sequelae for Caiguabu Lung: Health Experts Urge Vigilance in Identifying Deadlier Diseases In an effort to raise awareness about lung health among high-risk groups such as men over 50, smokers, individuals with a family history of pulmonary fibrosis, those with high-risk occupations, and autoimmune disease patients, the Taiwan Thoracic and […]

Many young people suffer from herpes zoster after the new crown, and the number of serious patients with herpes zoster in Shanghai is increasing (Figure) Infection |

On December 19, 2022, a large number of COVID-19 patients joined the fever clinic of Shanghai Huadong Hospital. (Image credit: Getty Images) See Chinese websites ban setting up mirror sites. [Edrychwch ar Newyddion Tsieina, Mehefin 17, 2023](See comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Muzi Li) Mainland Chinaa new crown(COVID-19) virus caused by “multiple consequences”sequelaeWorried, a lotyoung […]

Japan to fully supply domestic new crown oral drugs Russian experts say there could be new wave of infections – Teller Report Teller Report

10:53, November 26, 2022 Source: China News Network   (Fighting Novel Coronary Pneumonia) Japan to fully supply new domestically produced coronal medicine Russian experts say there could be a new wave of infections China News Agency, Beijing, November 25. Comprehensive news: According to data from the WHO website, as of 18:38 on the 24th Central European […]