Seasonal Changes and Blood Pressure: Why You Need to be Extra Careful

Taking Care of Your Blood Pressure During Seasonal Changes Understanding the Impact of Temperature on Blood Pressure When it comes to seasonal changes with significant daily temperature fluctuations of more than 10 degrees, it’s crucial to be mindful of your blood pressure. Research has shown that for every 1-degree drop in temperature, systolic blood pressure […]

Identifying Emergency Situations in Diabetic Foot Patients: A Guide for Diabetics and Their Guardians

Diabetic Patients Urged to Seek Timely Treatment for Foot Conditions By Hidoc Medical Correspondent, Jeong-min Park Diabetic individuals often delay seeking medical attention for urgent foot conditions, resulting in missed opportunities for timely treatment. If you are living with diabetes, it is paramount to identify the symptoms that necessitate immediate medical intervention. Moreover, guardians should […]

Family medicine specialist Esther Yeo denies plastic surgery allegations in YouTube video

Family Medicine Specialist Denies Plastic Surgery Allegations By Cha Yu-chae, Money Today Reporter | October 2, 2023 16:00 Renowned family medicine specialist, Esther Yeo, has refuted claims of undergoing plastic surgery. In a recent video posted on her YouTube channel ‘Yeo Esther’s Esther TV’, Yeo addressed the speculations alongside her skin doctor, specialist Bae Ji-young. […]

Understanding Trigger Finger Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Understanding Trigger Finger Syndrome and Its Treatment Options Common Problems with Fatigue and Overuse of Hands Hands are highly susceptible to fatigue due to their constant use in daily activities such as typing, using smartphones, and exercising. Over time, this accumulated fatigue can lead to various conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tenosynovitis, and trigger […]

The Pros and Cons of Double Eyelid Surgery: Understanding the Incision Method

The Different Methods of Double Eyelid Surgery By Medical Correspondent Hidoc Young-gyu Cho, Director | Source: Hidoc Double eyelid surgery, also known as Asian blepharoplasty, offers two main techniques: the cutting method and the burial method. These methods are commonly referred to as the ‘double hand cut’ and ‘double hand burial’ respectively. While some people […]

Preventing and Managing Diabetic Feet: Tips and Advice from Orthopedic Specialist Park Jeong-min

Preventing and Managing Diabetic Feet: Expert Advice from Orthopedic Specialist Park Jeong-min By [Author’s Name], Published [Date] – [Newspaper Name] Diabetic patients should prioritize daily foot checks, warns orthopedic surgeon Diabetes not only poses direct health risks but also increases the likelihood of various complications that can have life-threatening consequences. Studies have shown that diabetic […]

The Art of Choosing Fresh Ingredients for Colorful Holiday Pancakes

The Art of Making Perfect Pancakes: A Guide to Choosing Fresh Ingredients and Cooking Oil When it comes to holiday food, various colorful pancakes take center stage. Made with a careful selection of ingredients and fried to perfection, these pancakes are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Just like the […]

Preventing Diabetic Feet: Stay Alert for Wounds during the Fall Season

Orthopedic Specialist Emphasizes Importance of Foot Care for Diabetic Patients in Fall Season Park Jeong-min, Head of the Orthopedic Surgery Center, Shares Insights As autumn approaches and the cool breeze fills the air, more and more people venture outdoors to enjoy festivals, concerts, and sports events. However, amidst the excitement of the season, it is […]

Understanding and Treating Facial Flushing: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention Tips

Understanding Facial Flushing: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments By Chi-young Park, Medical Reporter Facial flushing can occur for various reasons, ranging from exposure to ultraviolet rays to psychological triggers. While temporary flushing is normal and typically subsides quickly, persistent symptoms may be indicative of a chronic vascular disease known as facial flushing. Often overlooked and neglected, […]