The next pandemic in the UK?… A corona-like virus found in bats in Britain

9 viruses were found in faecal samples from 16 species of batsExperts “British bats harbor corona-like virus” A Corona-like virus has been found in bats native to England. Scientists say “only a few mutations can attack people”. ↑ Bats/Photo = Yonhap News Experts have warned that bats in Britain are harboring a coronavirus-like virus that […]

Burundi Eco Regional press review: Protests against inflation in Kenya

A contagious disease has been declared in Tanzania. During the month of March 2023, Uganda is in the process of putting in place, a law against homosexuality. This at a time when Kenyans are demonstrating against inflation and the high cost of living in their country. As for Rwanda, the fourth edition of the “EAPCCO” […]

“We are all committed and mobilized for this match” (Adama Guira)

The Stallions of Burkina Faso will be opposed to Sparrowhawks of Togo on Friday, March 24, 2023 on behalf of the third day of the qualifiers de la CAN 2023 in Ivory Coast. For this meeting with their former coach Paulo Duarte, Hubert Velud’s foals intend to give their all to earn 3 points. What’s […]

Burundi Eco Industrial Development: Tunisia, a textbook case for Burundi?

Burundi wants to accelerate the process of industrialization. In this sense, a cooperation agreement between the government of Burundi and that of Tunisia has just been adopted by the Council of Ministers. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Tunisian counterpart during the signing of a cooperation agreement between these two countries. Burundi wishes to […]

The Forecasting Committee holds its first annual session of the year 2023

The first session of the Food and Nutritional Situation Forecasting Committee (CPSA) for the year 2023 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Resources opened on Thursday, March 23, 2023 in Ouagadougou. For two days, participants will analyze the current food and nutritional situation, and formulate recommendations for decision-makers. The minister in charge of […]

Rare video captures a year’s worth of cosmic gamma rays

What about the universe that the gamma ray space observatories looked into for 365 days? An animation visualizing this rare sight that cannot be seen with the human eye has been released. Gamma rays, which are high energy electromagnetic waves, are also an advanced observational method to reveal the origin of neutrinos that are part […]

Film about paramilitary violence opens the Cartagena Film Festival

The Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (Ficci), the oldest in Latin America, opened its 62nd edition this Wednesday with the screening of a film that recalled the harshest years of terror with which paramilitaries hit Colombia. “Memento Mori”, the debut feature of Colombian filmmaker Fernando López, led those attending the Adolfo Mejía Theater in […]