Mike’s Linux Challenge: Day 1 – Installation, Updates, and Early Challenges

Day One of Mike’s Linux Challenge: A Journey of Adaptation In a recent conversation with a friend, I mentioned how Mike, a colleague at a private company, has been rarely using Microsoft products on his PC during off-duty hours. A passionate advocate for Internet privacy issues, Mike saw an opportunity to test his skills by […]

The Dangers of Holding Back a Sneeze: 5 Terrible Consequences

The Dangers of Suppressing a Sneeze: What You Need to Know It’s a common reflex that we often take for granted – the sudden urge to sneeze. But have you ever wondered what could happen if you try to suppress it? Experts warn that attempting to stop a sneeze can lead to serious consequences for […]

RIIZE Member Seungan Apologizes for Privacy Controversy Ahead of Debut

RIIZE member apologizes for privacy controversy By Maara Reporter, Money Today | 2023.08.30 19:33 Seungan, a member of the rookie group RIIZE from SM Entertainment, issued an apology ahead of the official Instagram appearance of the group. On August 30th, Seungan posted a statement on RIIZE’s official Instagram account, acknowledging the privacy controversy and expressing […]

Kwon Eun-bi’s New Single ‘The Flash’ Takes the Global Music Charts by Storm

Global Pop Sensation Kwon Eun-bi Dominates the Charts with New Single ‘The Flash’ Renowned singer Kwon Eun-bi, also known as the ‘Queen of Global Summer,’ has taken the music world by storm with her latest release, ‘The Flash.’ According to her agency, Woollim Entertainment, the debut single skyrocketed to the top 10 in 11 international […]

Seventeen’s New Tour: “Follow Me!”

Seventeen Unveils ‘DILYN’ Tour Title with Powerful Performances in Seoul Money Today Reporter Lee Deok-haeng Reporter ize | 2023.07.23 10:00 / Photo = Pledis Entertainment English word “DILYN” translates to ‘to follow’, which serves as the title for Seventeen’s upcoming tour. Pledis Entertainment, their agency, explained that this title conveys Seventeen’s progression towards a brighter […]

BLACKPINK Sets New Record with 90 Million Subscribers on YouTube

BLACKPINK’s Official YouTube Channel Surpasses 90 Million Subscribers In an extraordinary achievement, BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel has reached a staggering 90 million subscribers, making it the first and largest record ever achieved by any artist worldwide. According to YG Entertainment, the milestone was achieved at 5:36 am on July 17th, marking a significant milestone for […]

Culture Critic Kim Gap-soo Discusses Conflict with Fifty Fifty Group and Their Agency

Misunderstanding Surrounding Fifty Fifty Deepens as Culture Critic Kim Gap-soo Speaks Up In an episode of the ‘Jeong Young-jin Choi Wook’s Mae-bul Show’ podcast, culture critic Kim Gap-soo expressed his views on the ongoing conflict between girl group Fifty Fifty and their agency. During the ‘Midnight Mercy Enter’ segment, the issue of Fifty Fifty was […]

Comedian Lee Ji-soo Passes Away at the Age of 30

Comedian Lee Ji-soo Passes Away at the Age of 30 By Lee Kang-joon, Money Today Reporter Image: Lee Ji-soo/Instagram Korean comedian Lee Ji-soo, known for her appearances on tvN’s ‘Comedy Big League’ (referred to as ‘Kobic’), has tragically passed away at the age of 30. The news of her sudden demise was reported on the […]