The Resurgence of the Event Industry: Index Creative Reveals Strategy for Thai Business Expansion

Index Creative reveals strategy to lead Thai businessmen in expanding international markets Kriengkrai Kanchanaphokin, Founder and CEO of Index Creative Village Public Company Limited, a leader in integrated creative marketing in the ASEAN region, shares insights on the recovery of the event business sector. The COVID-19 situation has gradually resolved, leading to the return of […]

Trade Statistics, Condominium Market Trends, and More: A Look at Today’s Important Updates

Revised Schedule Domestic August trade statistics (8:50) Metropolitan area condominium market trends for August (13:00) Big convenience store sales in August (14:00) Number of overseas visitors to Japan in August (16:15) Domestic Enterprises Integral 5842: Listed on TSE G Foreign The People’s Bank of China announces the most favorable loan interest rate for September (10:15) […]

Zero Commission on Japanese Stocks: A Game-Changer for Investors

Stock Advisor Ryuichiro Kitahama, an expert in investment methods and stock analysis, recently commented on the significant changes in the Japanese stock market. The introduction of zero commission fees for trading Japanese stocks by SBI Securities and Rakuten Securities has sparked expectations of reduced barriers to entry and improved investment effectiveness. SBI Securities is set […]

Analyzing September’s Stock Market: Selected Outstanding Stocks and Insights by TNN Wealth

Stock Market Analysis for September: Selected Stocks Outperforming Friday afternoon, September 1, 2023 In our analysis of the stock market this September, certain outstanding stocks have shown significant promise. The Thai stock market has witnessed a surge in these selected stocks, attracting the attention of investors looking to make profitable investments. Stay Updated with TNN […]