Foreign Ministry spokesperson comments on Dokdo technology Japan’s National Security Strategy (NSS) – Press Release | Briefing Room | news

1. The government strongly protests against the inclusion of unfair territorial claims over Dokdo, Korea’s own territory, which is evident historically, geographically, and under international law, in the revised national security strategy 「published by the Japanese government on December 16 (Friday (Friday ), and will respond to this immediately. I urge you to delete it. […]

‘Middle and Mid-Term Fund National Supporters’ gathered in the expanded virtual world (Metaverse) to increase policy sympathy – Press Release | Briefing Room | news

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Lee Young, hereafter referred to as the Ministry of SMEs and Startups) announced on August 1 (Mon), ‘The 1st National Supporters of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ through the domestic expanded virtual world (metaverse) based (platform) ZEP*. ‘ The inauguration ceremony was held. * Jeb is a […]

Consolidation and abolition into two types of urban regeneration projects… 40 new projects selected every year – Policy News | news

In order to maximize the effect of the urban regeneration project, the government will reorganize the project system based on performance. To this end, the five existing business types will be integrated and abolished into two types: ‘economic regeneration’ and ‘regional specialized regeneration’. In addition, it was decided to actively promote the innovative district project […]

Saudi Research Reactor Regulatory Technology Export – Press Release | Briefing Room | news

Export of regulatory technology for research reactors to Saudi Arabia – Institute of Nuclear Safety and Technology under the NSSC(KINS)Conclude the contract through this international bidding and start the business – □ Nuclear Safety Committee(Chairman Yoo Kuk-hee, below ‘circle comfort’)Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety and Technology, a specialized regulatory agency under the(Director Kim Seok-cheol, below […]