Lee Song-yi and Lee Ji-seop, living with three children → decide to break up due to military enlistment… Haha “Don’t think about breaking up” (high school mom and dad 3)

Lee Song-yi and Lee Ji-seop revealed that they are preparing for a breakup.On the MBN entertainment program ‘High school mom mom dad that adults don’t know 3’, which was broadcast on the 8th, Lee Song-yi and Lee Ji-seop appeared and introduced the story of Lee Song-yi, who broke up with her. ex-girlfriend in high school […]

It is better not to eat ‘burnt food’… Possibility of affecting the incidence of cancer

Federica Raguchi tests a hypothesis about acrylamide Federica Raguchi from the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska University in Sweden tested the hypothesis that acrylamide attacks structural proteins in nerve cells. Acrylamide is a substance produced by the reaction of sugar in foods with the amino acid asparagine when certain foods, such as potatoes, bread, […]

An outbreak of measles at a religious gathering in Kentucky, USA threatened 20,000 participants from every state and country-Health-HiNet Life Blog

(Taiwan English News/Comprehensive foreign report by Zhu Mingzhu) The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a measles warning last Friday (3rd) Organizations and people with relevant footprints are on alert. [廣告] please read on The CDC said, according to a report from the Kentucky Department of Health on February 24, a person […]