May the recession of the world economy not come upon us: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that our economy should be kept dynamic. We have to be careful not to let the global economic downturn overtake us. We all need to be thrifty, save. He made this call at the opening ceremony of the newly built cantonment on the banks of Ghorautra river in Mithamain Sadar […]

SNOW IS FALLING CONSTANTLY, THIS IS TERRIBLE: Terrible condition tonight on the highway towards Sarajevo (VIDEO)

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/02/autoput_vogosca_visoko_snijeg_februar2023_1.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/02/autoput_vogosca_visoko_snijeg_februar2023_1.jpg”,”caption”:””,”bg”:”36312e”] Due to heavy rainfall in the rest of our country, damage to the roadway in the form of potholes or ruts is less noticeable, BIHAMK warns. Due to the trampled snow, traffic on the roads: Sarajevo-Konjic (Ivan Sedlo), Travnik-Donji Vakuf (Komar), Prozor-Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje (Makljen), Bugojno-Kupres (Koprivnica), Bosanski Petrovac-Drvar (Oštrelj) and Bosanski Petrovac – Ključ […]

Abejan has a polythene roof over his head, a struggling life with 3 daughters

Abejan Begum. Age 40 years. No piece of land. No residence. This woman, abandoned by her husband, is living in the balcony of her mother’s house. She is living with 3 daughters including a mentally challenged daughter in that balcony with a polythene screen and mat on the floor. As there is no earning person […]

Enjoy ‘Nreal Air’ AR glass on PS4 and iPhone using an adapter

Nreal, a global AR glasses manufacturer, expanded the range of game devices and smartphones compatible with Nreal Air and released the MAC OS version (hereafter referred to as Mac) of Nebula, a dedicated 3D interface app. Game consoles confirmed to be compatible are ▲ PlayStation 5 (PS5) ▲ Steam Deck ▲ Xbox Series X/S (Xbox […]

Actor Fred Ward died on Sunday at the age of 79

2022-05-15 09:10 Source: Sohu Entertainment Original title: Actor Fred Ward died on Sunday at the age of 79. He starred in “True Detective” Sohu Entertainment News According to foreign media reports, veteran actor Fred Ward (Fred Ward) died last Sunday at the age of 79. His family chose not to disclose the cause of death. […]

football-city-face-atletico-madrid-chelsea-take-on-real-madrid-and-liverpool-play-benfica-in-quarter-finals | Champions League: City break down Simeone’s defense; Liverpool prepare for Benfica’s home test

photo-facebook The Champions League quarter-finals begin tomorrow. English giants Manchester City will face Spanish club Atletico Madrid while Liverpool will face Benfica. The match will be played tomorrow at 12.30 am. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are preparing to win the Champions League, which they lost last time between the cup and the lip. City will […]

The Royal Thai Embassy in Warsaw updated the assistance of Thai people in Ukraine

The Royal Thai Embassy in Warsaw posted a statement on helping Thai people in Ukraine in emergency situations – war. All Thai people are still safe. Ready to reveal plans to bring Thai people out of Ukraine Today (February 27) the page “Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Warsaw, Poland” has posted an update on helping Thai people […]

russia-ukraine-conflict-huge-impact-on-sporting-events | The Ukrainian players took to the field with the words ‘No War’ on their cheeks; Emotional companions

photo from twitter Kiev: Protests over Russia’s military action against Ukraine are spreading to the sports world. Athletes from Ukraine came together to oppose Russia’s encroachment on the country’s sovereignty. Roman Yaremchuk ????????????????????????He just HAD to score tonight!What a celebration too!Exceeding many Ukrainian expectationsACTIONS speak louder than words ????????????— Zorya Londonsk (@ZoryaLondonsk) February 23, […]

kunchakco boban: Is this ‘Steve Irvino’ from Alappuzha? Kunchacko Boban rescues wife from crocodile mouth – kunchacko boban share new instagram post

Actor Kunchacko Boban is one of the most active actors on social media. That is why the posts shared by Malayalees’ favorite Chackochan go viral by the minute. Chackochan shared some funny pictures with his wife Priya during his current Dubai safari trip on Instagram. Many people, including movie stars, have commented on Kunchacko Boban’s […]