Details of the new naval battle ACT “Skull and Bones” will be released on July 8th at 3:00 am, including gameplay! Other new releases Ubisoft Forward will be held on September 11th | Game * Spark

Ubisoft has announced that it will hold two events, “Ubisoft Forward Spotlight On Skull and Bones” and “Ubisoft Forward” (2022), which will release the latest game information. “Ubisoft Forward Spotlight On Skull and Bones” will be held on July 8th At 3:00 am on July 8th, Japan time, the multiplayer naval battle action currently under […]

The final work of the logic puzzle genius Zachtronics, a high-pressure washing sim, and 4 new works are now available! “Xbox / PC Game Pass” additional lineup released in the first half of July 2022 | Game * Spark

On July 5, Microsoft released a lineup of works to be added overseas in the first half of July 2022 in the subscription services “Xbox Game Pass” and “PC Game Pass” where hundreds of titles can be played as much as you want. Four new works have been added from the first day of release! […]

Larian Studios announces large-scale patch 8 distribution of “Baldur’s Gate III”, specification changes related to updates «doope! Domestic and overseas game information site

In February of this year, the latest content of the popular series “Baldur’s Gate III”, which included the 7th content update including Barbarian and UI renewal, has been updated, but Larian Studios has updated the Steam page and announced the delivery of patch 8. It has been revealed that a major update of 40GB scale […]

“At the end of the introduction, I wanted to continue with the product version.” Dramatic ADV “As Dusk Falls” Pre-play Report-The story of the moment when life never intersects | Game * Spark

Vince is forced to take responsibility for the accident at the airline company and is forced to sacrifice his career with the settlement money as a shield, and Jay, the youngest child who grew up in a bad family who can not get rid of bad habits. Originally, they never meet, but one event will […]

Steam Summer Sale 2022 10 games you can’t miss for less than 100 baht!

Only 1 week left. Steam Summer Sale 2022 This round of PC game big sale is over. Which we have compiled 10 good games to play at a value price of less than 100 baht. Let’s introduce each other without ranking. **This is a personal opinion of the team only. Black Desert Online An online […]