Providing training to 180 public transport drivers

180 public transport drivers have been trained for proper implementation of Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products (Control) Act (Amended-2013). This training was given with the initiative of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) and Dhaka Ahsaniya Mission Health Sector.

Lift ‘indoor mask duty’… Public transport and hospitals maintained

◀ Anchor ▶ From today, you can take off your mask even indoors. ◀ Anchor ▶ However, there are still places that need to be used, such as hospitals and public transport. Reporter Lim So-jeong summed it up in detail. ◀ Report ▶ The only time I could take my mask off inside was when […]

Higher tax credit for investment in semiconductor facilities by large corporations from 6 to 8%… Plenary meeting tonight

zoom in picture Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong visited Samsung Electronics Corporation (SEV) near Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 22nd to inspect the smartphone manufacturing plant. Provided by Samsung Electronics An amendment to the Special Taxation Limitation Act (Special Taxation Act), which increases the tax credit for conglomerates on investment in semiconductor facilities from the current […]