Ronaldo: Higher with coach Rangnick

Ronaldo said the team still has room for improvement and the team will improve as coach Rangnick gives more opportunities to the players. “Rangnick came to the team just a few weeks ago,” Ronaldo told the Premier League. “He has changed a lot, but he needs time to convey his thoughts to the players.” He […]

Happy Birthday to Coach Ferguson! | Official Manchester United website

“Happy birthday to coach Ferguson! You’ve given me and my dad a very good baby. We watched the Champions League final together. In May 1999, we played at 3 am in Singapore. And in October of the same year, my father passed away. . I always remember the time we had together. You gave me […]

Wolverhampton attack combination revealed by coach Langnick

Coach Rangnick said, “They should be able to work in the opponent’s box as much as possible and the four of them should be able to attack together.” “Through such a lineup, we have to attack together and show high levels of activity defensively for the team,” he said. Of course, no one knows what […]