Expert Advice: Bed Bugs Suspected on Airport Express and KMB, Public Urged Not to Worry

Controversy Surrounding Suspected Presence of Bed Bugs on Public Transport Recent rumors circulating on the internet have raised concerns about the possible presence of bed bugs on the Airport Express and KMB. However, pest experts have reassured the public that there is no need to panic, as bed bugs rarely congregate on public transport. Insight […]

Alibaba Withdraws Plan to Spin Off Cloud Business Due to US Restrictions on Semiconductors

Alibaba Group Withdraws Plan to Spin Off Cloud Business Alibaba Group Holding, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies, has announced the withdrawal of its plan to spin off its cloud business. The decision comes in response to the uncertainty created by the expansion of US export restrictions on semiconductors used in artificial intelligence (AI). The […]

More than 60% of the monitors in Taichung are “overage” and only about a hundred sets can be replaced every year – Lifestyle – Liberty Times e-newsletter

More than 60% of the surveillance cameras in Taichung are overage, and only about a hundred sets can be replaced every year. Members questioned whether it would take 34 years to update. (Photo by reporter Su Mengjuan) 2023/11/06 14:48 [Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report]The Taichung City Police Department has deployed more than 7,000 sets of monitors […]

Resilience and Vitality: Shanghai-listed Companies Show Strong Performance in Third Quarter

Shanghai Listed Companies Demonstrate Resilience and Growth As the third quarter comes to a close, the performance of Shanghai-based listed companies in the first three quarters has been fully revealed, showcasing their resilience and vitality. According to statistics from Shanghai Securities News, 438 Shanghai listed companies achieved a total net profit of 308.8 billion yuan […]

Hot Topic: Latest Trends and Issues in Taiwan

Latest editions Hot topic A- A+ Date/month/year of publication: |出典: | A- A+ About Us GDPR Applications Sitemap © 2023 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Apply for membership Language Français Español Deutsch Deutsch Pусский 日本語 中文 Homepage Date/month/year of publication: |出典: | A- A+ A- A+ Hot topics, latest issues […]

Makkah Bus Service revolutionizes transportation with 438 stations and 12 routes

Makkah Introduces Bus Service to Enhance Accessibility and Comfort for Pilgrims Makkah has officially launched its highly-anticipated bus service after successfully completing a one-and-a-half year trial period. With the participation of 400 buses, this trial period facilitated the transportation of an astounding 100 million passengers through an impressive 170,000 journeys. The trial commenced in February […]

Boy Band Member Li Qiyan Receives Birthday Support Following Serious Accident at Concert

Boy Band MIRROR Member’s Unfortunate Accident at Coliseum Concert During a fateful performance at the Coliseum last year, the renowned boy band MIRROR faced a horrifying mishap. High above the stage, a colossal screen suddenly plummeted, tragically injuring one of their talented dancers, Li Qiyan, famously known as Ah Mo. As a result, Ah Mo […]

Internal Conflict and Financial Disputes Rock Boy Band MIRROR’s Fan Club

Fan Club of Boy Band MIRROR Member Faces Internal Strife and Financial Disputes The fan club (FC) of Edan, a member of the popular boy band MIRROR, has recently announced its dissolution and reorganization. Internal conflicts between the administration team and the fans have been escalating, with allegations of financial disputes involving membership fees and […]