US Federal Trade Commission Files Lawsuit Against Amazon Alleging Antitrust Violations

Amazon Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Violating Antitrust Laws On the 26th, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against, accusing the tech giant of violating antitrust laws and using its monopoly power to harm consumers. This legal action is part of the government’s effort to challenge the dominance of US tech giants […]

Dollar Index Rises to 10-Month High, Yen Nears Intervention Line

Dollar Index Climbs to 10-Month High, Yen Nears Intervention Level The dollar index reached its highest level in ten months, while the yen continued to depreciate, approaching the intervention level of 150 yen to the dollar. The dollar index against six major currencies rose by 0.26% to 106.21, the highest since November 30 of the […]

US House Price Index Sees Accelerated Growth in July, Signaling a Recovery

The US Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) recently reported that the house price index in the United States saw a significant increase of 4.6% in July compared to the same month last year. This marks a continuation of the upward trend, following a revised increase of 3.2% in June. It is worth noting that this […]

The US Stock Market Plummets as Government Bond Yields Hit Record Highs

US Stock Market Plunges as Bond Yields Remain High The US stock market experienced a sudden and sharp decline, as the three major indexes closed more than 1% lower. This drop was driven by investors’ frustration with the continuously high yield on 10-year government bonds, a level not seen in about 16 years. In addition, […]

Democratic Senators Call for Resignation of Menendez Following Bribery Charges

Democratic Senators Call for Menendez’s Resignation Amid Bribery Charges Washington, D.C. – In a surprising turn of events, a third of the Democratic Party’s senators are calling on their colleague, Senator Menendez, to resign following allegations of accepting bribes to favor the Egyptian government. The pressure mounted on Menendez as Senators Tammy Baldwin, Bob Casey, […]

The Federal Reserve President Kashkari Gives 60% Probability of Soft Landing for US Economy

Inflation Concerns: Federal Reserve President Predicts Soft Landing for US Economy By [Author Name] In a recent publication on the Federal Reserve’s website, Neel Kashkari, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, has expressed his prediction that the US economy has a 60% chance of experiencing a “soft landing,” while a 40% chance remains […]

Warren Buffett Responds Positively to Japanese Prime Minister’s Speech on Asset Management Industry

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General: Warren Buffett’s Positive Response to Prime Minister Kishida’s Speech At a recent party executive meeting, Toshimitsu Motegi, the Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party, revealed an encouraging development for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. According to Motegi, the renowned investor Warren Buffett responded positively to Prime Minister Kishida’s speech in […]

Republican Candidates Propose Sending Troops and Launching Missile Attacks in Mexico to Combat Drug Cartels: Experts Warn of Potential Consequences

Republican candidates for the 2024 presidential election, including former US President Trump, have put forth the idea of deploying troops to Mexico and launching missile attacks as a means to combat drug cartels. However, current and former US military and government officials argue that this approach would not only fail to address the issue of […]

Democratic US Senator Menendez Maintains Innocence and Refuses to Resign Amid Bribery Charges

Senator Menendez Maintains Innocence and Refuses to Resign Amid Bribery Charges In a defiant move, Democratic United States Senator Menendez, who stands accused of accepting bribes to favor the Egyptian government, declared his innocence on September 25th. Dismissing calls for his resignation, Menendez remained resolute in his commitment to not step down as a member […]