LG Electronics, complete portfolio reshuffle… facing ‘cold wave of demand’

Last year, LG Electronics, which opened the ’80 trillion era’ in annual sales, announced a major portfolio reorganization. This is because despite the highest ever performance, the profitability of all business sectors except the electricity field has fallen significantly, and the cold wave in demand is expected to continue. Along with strengthening the software (SW) […]

Last year, new venture investment fell by 12% compared to the previous year.

Last year, the amount of new venture investment was 6.764 trillion won, the second highest after 2021, when it was the largest ever. However, compared to 2021, 916.2 billion won decreased, or 11.9%, and the growth rate was reduced. The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups announced the annual venture investment trend on […]

“People in the world do not know” trailer Disney + ‘j-hope in the box’ released

J-Hope’s passion for music during his 200-day solo career is expected to be fully reflected in ‘j-hope IN THE BOX’. On the 27th, The Walt Disney Company Korea released a teaser trailer for Disney+ ‘j-hope in the box’ through its official channel. The released video reads, “Starting this project? Starting with J-Hope’s voice, “People in […]

‘Burning Trotman’ Sim Soo-bong defies audition debut after 45 years of debut

‘Burning Trotman’ explodes the subject by foreshadowing the glorious sortie of ‘The Godmother of Trot’ Shim Soo-bong, who challenges the audition screening for the first time since her debut 45 years ago. On the 27th, MBN’s ‘Burning Trotman’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Bult’) said, “‘Trot Godmother’ Shim Soo-bong will be active as a judge and […]

Trot Gentleman Jang Min-ho Confirmed as ‘Trot Champion’ MC Exclusive

Gentleman from Trot Jang Min-ho will be the sole MC of ‘Trot Champion’. ‘Trot Champion’ will be broadcast live on MBC ON on February 9th. ‘Trot Champion’, which premiered as a recorded broadcast in 2022, decided to visit viewers live from 2023 to give a vivid sense of reality. ‘Trot Champion’ has chosen a theme […]

‘I’m Solo’ The chaotic love line of 12th generation soloists

‘I’m SOLO (I’m solo)’ The 12th generation solo love line was on fire. In the real dating program ‘I’m SOLO’ from ENA and SBS PLUS, broadcast on the 25th (Wednesday), the romance of ‘Solo Country 12’ unfolded, wandering between ‘hardening’ and ‘giving up’ roof’. On this day’s broadcast, Young-sik and Young-sook confirmed their crush on […]