Monsoon in Kerala on May 27

Symbolic image Thiruvananthapuram: According to the Central Meteorological Department, the southwest monsoon is likely to reach Kerala on May 27. If the current situation changes, it is likely to be four days earlier or later. Fishing has been banned off the coasts of Kerala and Lakshadweep due to strong winds. There will be heavy rain […]

“Meteorological Department” warns of hurricane K. 9 Asani 46 provinces, Bangkok and surrounding provinces encounter 70 percent of rain.

(10 May 2022) meteorological department Announcement No. 9 “thunderstorm” in the Bay of Bengal, at 4:00 AM today, the cyclone was strong. Central Indian coast Or centered at 14.7 degrees north latitude, 84.3 degrees east longitude, with maximum sustained winds near the center of about 90 kilometers per hour. This storm is moving slightly northwest. […]

“Covid-19” is transmitted from the air 1,000 times easier than touching the surface.

Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana Virologist Biotech NSTDA posted on Facebook Anan Jongkaewwattana the issue “Covid-19revealAirborne infections are 1,000 times more infectious than touching surfaces. According to a study from the University of Michigan As for the COVID-19 epidemic situation today, 6 May 2022, another 7,705 new cases of COVID-19 were found, bringing the total number of […]

Two-week weather The second half of Golden Week It will continue to be sunny, but be careful of sudden changes in weather and temperature changes! (Weather forecaster Yoshiyuki Maki May 01, 2022) –Japan Meteorological Association

On the 2nd (Monday), from Tohoku to Kyushu, it will be covered with high pressure and will be sunny over a wide area. However, the atmospheric conditions are unstable, and it is necessary to be careful of showers in the afternoon, mainly in the Kanto and Kinki regions. From the 3rd Constitution Memorial Day to […]

“Summer storm”, the Meteorological Department warns of thunderstorms, strong winds, lightning in 41 provinces – Bangkok Metropolitan Region

(30 Apr 2022) “meteorological department“Warning Notice No. 6”summer storm” Upper Thailand has an impact from April 30 – May 2, 2022. Read related news. – “Summer storm” Ch. 4, the Meteorological Department warns 53 provinces – Bangkok and surrounding provinces, thunderstorms, strong winds. – “Summer storm”, the Meteorological Department warns of ch5, Czech provinces are […]

“Summer Storm” Vol. 2, Meteorological Department warns of 4 regions

(28 Apr 2022) “meteorological department“Announcement No. 2”summer storm” Upper Thailand has an impact from April 28 – May 2, 2022. Read related news. – “Summer storm”, Meteorological Department 1 warns 4 regions – Bangkok Metropolitan Region to be on the lookout for April 28 – May 2. – “Temperature today” 3 regions, maximum 40-42 degrees, […]